Mission: To dissolve barriers between realms and pull the stars within reach for all who desire to touch them.

Predictions for Winter 2013

Presented 12-12-13 at Crystal Visions, Naples, NC

When I started praying about 4:30 this afternoon to get the information I was to share tonight – it’s all fresh! – I saw a view of the earth, from space, and it was very very active.

First of all, energetically, things are coming to a head.  It’s reached the boiling point, so to speak, and things that might have been swept under the proverbial rug are coming to light.

This is happening on a global level.  Governments are increasingly dissatisfied with their old cronies, and are trying to form new alliances.  There’s a razor-sharp focus on the advantages and disadvantages, on economic, power and feasibility levels, of who wants to cooperate with whom, and why.  I’m not feeling a lot of heart-centered energy in this reassessment.  It’s more “what will I get out of this, and when.”

On national levels, it’s playing out in battles with environmentalists and the 1% versus everyone else.  As more cities face bankruptcy, pensions, education and health care are on the chopping block.  Financial imbalances will become increasingly more dire in the coming months, forcing more and more municipalities, and the populations they’re supposed to serve, into a standoff.  The “borrowing from Peter to pay Paul” backroom deals and overinflating the value of things that were kept in the shadows are coming to light, and it’s not pretty.

On a personal level, that same light is forcing each of us to consciously acknowledge and deal with issues we thought we were successfully ignoring.  Buying all the latest junk?  You’re feeling the financial pain of struggling to make ends meet.  Just ‘phoning it in’ in important relationships?  Those folks you emotionally short-changed are either leaving, or demanding you step up.  This includes friends and family members, too.  Noshing on a lot of junk food and couch potatoing, but promising you’ll clean up your act later?  News flash – it’s later.  Later than you think.

There is a positive aspect to this uninvited “interruption” of the way we were living.

First of all, this fiery energy can signal old habits and alliances going down in flames, but it also can portend a purification.  Personally, while you still have time, evaluate what’s right and NOT so right in your life, and make the necessary shifts.  As we move deeper into this next 3 months, change will be more difficult, so make your decision NOW, and don’t wait for New Year’s resolutions.  Take responsibility for the gift of your life. You’re here for a reason. Honor it!

Nationally, too, there is light at the end of the tunnel.  As the old structures we just assumed would always be there are evaporating, people are starting to come together in community. There’s a resourcefulness, and a “got your back” sensibility that’s appearing.  Cooperative communities, more bartering for products and services – watch for all of this to become more commonplace the next few months.

​Of course there’s some resistance to that – Gregg Braden predicted things are getting ripe for another civil war – but a compassionate, purposeful pushback is definitely in the works.  Monsanto is experiencing this, and the FDA is preparing to outlaw feeding livestock all the chemicals they’re currently getting.  Voters are disgusted with the lowest performing congress in US history, and will probably make their anger a catalyst for change.  There was a picture making the rounds on the Internet – it was a shot of congress, with the caption, “THIS is why we can’t have nice things!”  I feel the next three months will show that situation has reached the boiling point, too.  There will be dramatic changes.

Internationally, Edward Snowden’s release of top-secret files proving so many conspiracy theorists were RIGHT is not even near reaching its conclusion.  Did you realize he’s a North Carolina boy? Many of the shifts in alliances I mentioned earlier involve a deepening distrust of the US.  We’re playing a new role in global political circles, and we’re not automatically the top dog anymore.  Can we transform arrogance and entitlement into humility and cooperation?  The next three months will tell.

Looking at the waters of the earth – there is traumatic change in our oceans.  Expect to learn more in the coming months about the growing impact of both the Japanese nuclear reactor disaster, and the cumulative effect of continuous oil leaks in the Gulf.  You can’t begin to imagine the mutations in marine life that are only beginning to leak to the public.  Some of these mutations will ensure the continuation of some species, but many will be in forms that are nearly unrecognizable.  Will they be safe to eat?  What about sea vegetables – will those make us sick?  That’s going to be a big debate.

As more information leaks out, though, more and more people will become passionate about acknowledging and healing the situation.  They will be demanding answers to some very uncomfortable questions.

Politically there’s a global push for cleaner energy that would eliminate the need for either nuclear or fossil fuels, which are at the core of this massive destruction.

With all this intense stuff going on, I asked to see some positive images.

The first thing was that the pendulum IS starting to swing back into balance.  While we’ve riled things up to a very uncomfortable degree, and we’re at something of a crossroads, there is hope.

Young people, particularly, are coming up with some transformational ideas, like Malala in Pakistan, and they’re getting international attention and respect.  They will help lead us through this time of change.

I just did a reading for a young woman who thought she came about her relationship, but I quickly saw I was to give her information about getting sustainable energy uniting the electrical energy from sunlight with the power of the molecular bonding of water.  I saw the mineral jasper being significant, arcs of orange energy, and knowing somehow this energy could be harnessed through “power plants” that I saw represented by a water lily and sunflower. It turns out she has an undergrad degree in electrical engineering and is working on her master’s in biology, and collaborating with a friend at Berkley on exactly this type of research.  She got some breakthrough information and they’re well on their way to bringing this alternative into reality.  Soon!

Interestingly, it’s going to be smaller initiatives, many introduced by individuals or environmental and compassionate groups, that spark and nurture global consciousness raising.  Remember Margaret Mead’s quote, “"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

Get involved on whatever level you feel you’d like to serve, whether it's visualizing a peaceful planet in the quiet of your home, or linking up with advocates for positive change.

The energy is in motion all around the earth.  You literally have the power, and the opportunity like never before, to help direct that energy in a loving, transformative and healing way. The force is strong with you.  Use it wisely.

(copyright 2014 Rev. Jonna Rae Bartges)