Mission: To dissolve barriers between realms and pull the stars within reach for all who desire to touch them.

Predictions for Winter 2012-13

Presented 12-13-12 at Crystal Visions, Naples, NC

When I went into deep meditation to receive the information for what’s coming up in the next three months, I was instantly shown a Medicine Wheel.  I was told to read the wheel in the traditional way, starting in the East, to understand how the things unfolding would naturally flow into each other.  Here’s what I was given:

In the First Quadrant of the Medicine Wheel – Rude Awakenings

You might THINK you’re on a spiritual path and making good time, but there’s a great chance that during the next three months, you could feel like you’re an eagle soaring over mountain tops, then suddenly crashing into a glass wall. 

Your beliefs will be tested – old dreams will be released and you must create new ones to manifest a new path.  This doesn’t necessarily mean you were going the wrong direction – but maybe just flying at the wrong altitude.  You need to survey the terrain around you from a new height to stay current and fly WITH the winds of change – not against or across them. 

Work through the pain of hitting that glass – and there will be pain – to get back to simple basics. When you can shed some of the “trappings” or ornamentation of your mental constructs and belief systems, you WILL experience immediate, dramatic and sacred growth.

I was resisting accepting the “pain” part of the vision until I was shown it was the necessary sacrifice of the ego self before we can truly unite with a higher purpose.  There IS an “I” in consciousness – but it is followed by an “O!” -- then “us.”  That’s the new energy we’ll be resonating to in this time of transformation and growth.  Recognize or create your community – pray with your tribe.  Feel the strength of melding your energies with likeminded others.  That is the dawning of awareness that’s happening now.

I definitely see tearing down and rebuilding.  Some lights are being extinguished while others are being lit.  There is great possibility for more political upheaval, with our country being pulled into new wars.  Lives will be lost, but there’s an unparalleled opportunity to refocus and take that “us” community consciousness global.

A fantastic picture circulating on the Internet has a bearded, beaming young man holding a sign aloft that simultaneously challenges and proclaims, “The Beginning is Near!”  It’s holding on to that image, that promise, that intention that we’re not really losing a thing – but we’re gaining limitless opportunities.  Together.

The Second Quadrant – the Coyotes are Running!

This winter the tricksters are infiltrating every aspect of your body, mind and spirit, and you might feel like your entire LIFE is in retrograde!  “I thought I learned this,” or, “We’ve been here before,” or “I already worked through this kind of stuff” becomes something of a global mantra.  YES you may have faced down similar challenges – but not with this new height of awareness you’ve integrated at this stage of your journey.  The trick here – thank you brother coyote – is to start with what you learned before – but this time to process the information through the elevated awareness of the eagle wind surfing at 3,000 feet.  Someone took credit for your work – but this time, instead of just getting angry and feeling attacked, focus on seeing how the person’s deep feelings of inadequacy inspired the transgression.  You can honestly feel some compassion, which shifts the entire energy of the situation, and allows deep healing to begin on all fronts.

Or an engaging, charismatic person shows up on the dating scene soon, and you’re intrigued – maybe this time your prayers have been answered!!  But as affectionate and sensual and attentive as this wonderful potential soul mate initially is, Coyote dares you to risk this possibility of “true love” to peek behind that emerald green curtain of mystery and intrigue.  He dares you to honestly see who this being truly is when they think no one is watching.  And Coyote also tricks you into confronting who YOU become in their presence.  How much of yourself do you sacrifice or deny for the sake of relationship?  This is the time when Coyote’s tricks will gift you with clairvoyance – clear vision – to see the real truth.  It MIGHT be the perfect connection – but now is the time to make sure you’re not just trying on a dream that doesn’t really fit.

This red quadrant of the medicine wheel also points to children awakening to their divine source more now than ever, and becoming an overwhelming voice of reason, wisdom and joy.  While children have always claimed this energy, this is the time we’re actually ready to listen. I’m seeing shifts in the educational systems locally, regionally and nationally to accommodate a more non-linear model of teaching.  I feel there’s a new voice coming into focus now that helps parents, teachers and outdated methodologies gently initiate a new process that blends a child’s natural curiosity with creativity and an effective path for growth and progress.  This might start occurring in conjunction with the schools, or in spite of them!

I’m seeing children initiate projects, or even movements this winter, to serve, enlighten and heal people, places, concepts and things.  They’re taking responsibility as stewards of the earth, and those of us who “know better” will be shown how frequently we don’t really know too much of anything.

In many cases, the only thing we can do is laugh.  And where there is laughter, there is God.  Children will lead the way to that place of sacred and joyful reconnection.

The Third Quadrant – Open the Portals!

My guides recently showed me a very simple technique that literally opens new worlds.  Simply place yourself in divine light so only good will come to you, and only good will go from you.  Then put your right hand out in front of you, and draw a clockwise spiral, maybe a foot or two in diameter, in smaller and smaller concentric circles.   After you complete the spiral, when you reach the center point, powerfully drive your hand THROUGH the center of your spiral.  You have just opened a portal to another dimension of awareness.

For the next three months, this third quadrant of the Medicine Wheel, that of the adult and healing, clears the way for us to push through the level we previously attained to literally step into a new state of consciousness.  This winter is the time to really focus on making that cosmic journey.

Yes, there’s a certain level of wisdom we’ve achieved with our adulthood by just putting in the time – but when we mindfully reach through the veils to access other realms, we have the opportunity to breathe in that expanded concentration of shared experiences and wisdom. 

Mystic Psychologist Carl Jung called it our “collective unconscious” – that magical reservoir where all experiences from all beings from all lifetimes – past, present and future – are there for the taking.  By prayerfully and consciously opening the portal to that timeless wisdom, we can take a quantum leap in our own – and humanity’s – soul evolution.  We can see our world and our opportunities through newly clear eyes – that clairvoyant thing again – and consciously choose the course of action that will best serve Mother Earth and seven generations preceding and proceeding us.

Ancient wisdom – like knowing about chakras, and planets diagramed on cave walls, or the perfect alignment of the pyramids to Orion’s Belt –is becoming scientifically proven.  With this dawning wisdom this season is coming a new energy of healing.  Instead of fighting an imbalance in the body, mind, emotions or spirit by just trying to scoop it out, healers will find that flowing WITH the energy of the imbalance will inevitably lead to finding the natural point where the energy returns to a state of perfect balance and optimum health.  The vision I received was as if a doctor would hold a mirror up to erratically dividing cells – like cancer cells – and the reflected energy would actually bring the cells into a natural balance without any kind of invasive technique.

Being able to bathe a chronically depressed person with a similar reflected energy will cause a spinning, then gradual “righting” of the out-of-alignment cells that led to the imbalance in the first place.  Again, I see this being done energetically – without invasive techniques. I definitely feel this will be set in motion within the next three months.  (*NOTE: A day after receiving this vision, an MD friend told me she just heard how doctors successfully introduced modified HIV cells into a child with leukemia, and the cell-to-cell interaction resulted in the leukemia going into complete remission.  This is EXACTLY the dynamic the vision revealed.)

The Fourth Quadrant – Dance of the Spirits

There have been several white buffalo calves born into our world since the initial prophecy of the White Buffalo Calf Woman 2,000 years ago, according to the Lakota. This is definitely the time our Elders and those in spirit are coming to stand beside us.

As the veils thin, you can feel the Elders in spirit and literally see them in the shadows, or as orbs, mist or vague figures in photos.  They’re entering your dreams; they’re blending their paths with yours.  This goes right back to the “us” in consciousness.  Daily, they’re proving there is no distance between them and us, and they’re offering us their wisdom, peace and grace.

The importance of the “us” in consciousness extends to this quadrant of the medicine wheel in an increasingly important way.

It is a time of miracles and quick transitions.  People of all ages will cross over unexpectedly. We need to be able to balance grief with a knowing of a higher purpose and eternal connections both in our own life, and helping others to embrace that awareness.

It is a time of prophecies fulfilled, and new visions being received simultaneously in different parts of the world.

We’ll be asked to face our deepest fears, like Luke Skywalker in the cave, only to understand the most dark, threatening energies and cruel limitations emanate from – us. But the other side of that coin is true forgiveness, love and compassion, like only we can bestow upon ourselves.

For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven.  This is our season to connect with our God consciousness, with our deepest inner core, with our elders and those in spirit, and with each other.  Together, there is no challenge we cannot transform into divine love and light and balance.  In this balance we can find peace, and grace, and joy.  This is the season…it’s all up to … US.


​(copyright 2014 Rev. Jonna Rae Bartges)