Mission: To dissolve barriers between realms and pull the stars within reach for all who desire to touch them.

Winter is coming.

It was 5 years ago last night we did the Cosmic Forecast for Winter 2012.  I normally get happy, light images and information, but that particular night the energy I received when I tuned in was alarmingly different.  I saw that a lot of lights were going to be extinguished – people were going to die -- and it would be the children who helped us deal with the pain.  The next morning, Adam Lanza walked into Sandy Hook Elementary School and fatally shot 20 children and 6 adults.


Presented December 14, 2017

at Crystal Visions

The reason I’m sharing that is because the energy I was picking up today was just as intense, but it had a completely different frequency.  The 2012 energy was “in your face” – we were flying right into it and immediately feeling the pain of what was unfolding.  This time – for this coming winter – all the biggest things are set in motion deep beneath the surface.  We might see a calm ocean with sunlight reflecting off the gentle surface waves -- but don’t be fooled.  Even though we’re not literally seeing things shift and change, everything – and I mean everything – is in a state of flux.

Nothing is as it seems.

Some of the things that are in play right now – and you don’t have to buy into this because I could be totally crazy for all you know – so many of us in this country chose to be reincarnated together this lifetime because we were on Atlantis when it went down.  Anyone else feel that or get glimpses of that?  Good times!

Seriously -- I feel that whole upheaval was the culmination of ego and fear and pride, and it knocked the highly advanced and crystal-powered civilization off the map – to be swallowed by the waves.  We came back in together to co-create a “do-over,” and let the forces of light illuminate the dark side, and keep the galaxy in balance this time.  We came to use the Force for good. (Everyone knows Star Wars, the Last Jedi starts tomorrow, right?)

Gently refocusing – What’s happening under the surface is the muddy façade that was hurriedly plastered over so many things on the physical, mental and spiritual levels is eroding.  There’s a call for authenticity, and commitment, and compassion.  Empty platitudes and occasionally thumping people on the head with a bible isn’t working as well.  OF COURSE there’s resistance to tearing down those fake shields – but look at how people are starting to take back their power. 

Look at the gubernatorial races in Virginia and New Jersey!  Look at Tuesday’s crazy senate race!  A psychic friend from New Orleans sent me a photo of a t-shirt with a quote attributed to black women, and it simply said, “Fuck!  We’ll do it!”  And they DID!

This same psychic friend was meditating a few months ago and asked when Trump would finally be held accountable.  Her spirit guides laughed and said, “Honey!  Not until the sex scandals come out!”  And look what’s happening in THAT arena the past few weeks!

As the balance of power is shifting, and decency and compassion are gaining momentum, the old paradigms are crumbling away.  The ‘good old boy’ system is no longer just tacitly approved. Powerful men in all walks of life are being held morally accountable, for the very first time.

Yes, it can seem scary right now –  the squashing of Net-Neutrality, chopping up protected federal lands in National Monuments, oil drilling in pristine wildernesses, climate change – but beneath the surface, there is a shiny new powerful and sustainable future being built, and it's slowly making its way into a three-dimensional reality.  Respecting the feminine energy and bringing it back into equal power with the masculine is setting the stage for positive, sweeping and powerful change in every dimension of our lives.  "Out of chaos comes change" is a deep truth.  

People who never considered running for political office until they saw the unwelcome changes of the past year are throwing their hats into the ring – and winning.  Young people are making their voices heard.  An agenda of rolling back protections and advancements for our diverse population is coming up against a brick wall.  The reckless power plays we’ve been seeing are being challenged as good people push back.

On the international stage – there is some kind of a give and take agreement happening, again out of the public eye – that is creating new alliances and parallel goals.  The US has definitely lost stature and credibility this year, so is not being brought into these alliances through traditional avenues.  Instead of the Oval Office being the main representation of America, it’s other political figures, academics and corporate visionaries who are initiating positive change.  There are cooperative efforts in the works regarding agriculture, energy and medicine, but they can’t be revealed quite yet.  We’ll start hearing a little more this winter.  Just know there are wise and resourceful hearts and minds at work – and like I mentioned in the fall, they’re not all from this planet.

Regarding the mad tango with North Korea – I’m seeing a major change in that energy this winter, too.  Whether it’s a coup, or an assassination, or through some other means, there is a shift in power there that erases the nuclear option.

The truth about Trump’s collusion with Russia comes out, but not quite in the way we may think.  There’s something about a shift in Putin’s power that I’m not seeing clearly.  Again, there is SO much happening just under the surface that will start to see the light of day over the next three months. While some of it is of a lower frequency, there is definitely a gradual shift to begin to restore balance and integrity.
I’m actually feeling a strong economy still this winter.  You can take a little more risk with investments for a decent return, particularly with automotive and other mechanically-oriented stocks.

I’m feeling a more mild winter in general, but we will have about two more big snows.  I just got a flash of the California fires dangerously close to nuclear power plants – send white light to THAT situation, and to the consciousness of the water to bring rain.

To summarize all this chaotic energy I’m picking up under the surface --

What we need to focus on this time – and what we did NOT do on Atlantis – was stay in a mindful, fully conscious state.  That means being in the moment – being rooted to our Earth Mother, drawing her energy up through each chakra, balancing and illuminating it, and connecting into our god-conscious self through the crown chakra.  Stay out of fear.  Stay out of anger.  Stay out of rehashing the past, or worrying about the future.  Be fully consciousness, and connected, and compassionate, and in gratitude for being here, now, with your faith, your friends and your sense of purpose.

Is that easy?  Of course not, or Atlantis would never have perished.  But can we do it this time?  Of course we can.  If enough of us cultivate that consciousness, we will raise the vibration of our nation, and the entire world.  The only thing stopping us is feeling that we’re disconnected from everyone and everything else.  To quote Obi-Wan Kenobi:

"You’re going to find that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view.  The truth is often what we make of it; you heard what you wanted to hear, believed what you wanted to believe.”

It’s time to believe we are each truly masters of the Force, with limitless power to use the light for good.  With Hope, and Belief, together, we can bring a positive new world into being.