Mission: To dissolve barriers between realms and pull the stars within reach for all who desire to touch them.

Before we get into the visions I received for the coming winter, let’s update a few of the predictions we shared for the fall.  

First, we predicted a major spiritual leader would have a big philosophical shift and impact.  As we speak, the Pope is at a global conference on climate change in Peru, and he’s saying we have a “moral imperative” to seriously tackle the issue. He called on world leaders to "overcome distrust; promote a culture of solidarity, encounter and dialogue; and be capable of showing responsibility for protecting the planet and the human family."

We also predicted a major change in our financial system, specifically as it involved credit.  Financial industry experts just announced this fall the US is moving to chip technology in credit cards by next year.  The magnetic stripe on credit and debit cards would be eliminated, and all new cards would have a microchip instead.  The change means the card is only valid for the single transaction you’re making at the time, effectively locking out hackers.

A third vision for the fall involved celebrities and young people taking the lead for healing racial tensions in the country.   Nets players, including superstar LeBron James, wore pre-game T-shirts emblazoned with “I can’t breathe,” courtesy of rapper mogul Jay Z. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Wills and Kate, were court side for the game, bringing additional attention to the display of solidarity.  Another display of solidarity today, this time from capitol hill, occurred when dozens of congressional staffers briefly walked off their jobs, arms raised in the “don’t shoot” stance.  In the next few months we’ll continue to see efforts to raise awareness and compassion, and work in peaceful unity towards healing a broken system.

Now, focusing on the future -- Winter is coming. (Thank you, Game of Thrones)

When I “went up” in meditation to receive the information to share with you this evening, there was a persistent buzzing, and I was aware of very concentrated energies zipping around.  I interpreted that to mean:

“We are experiencing heavier than usual prayer volume at this time.  God will be available to offer you enlightenment in five hours.  If you would like to hold without music, lower your vibration to 25 Hertz.”

Holy moly, things are popping here in the 3rd dimension of our “spiritual beings having a human experience” adventure!

How many of you feel like you’re in something of an emotional spin cycle?  You feel like you’re always behind – you’re forgetting things – stuff isn’t where you put it or where you expect to find it – you and everyone around you is a bit more short-tempered.  On the physical level, there’s a catch or dryness in your throat -- joint stiffness, and generally an “out of balance” or “missing the boat” kind of feeling. 

Here’s what that means.

From a scientific perspective, Earth’s magnetic poles are shifting – the north pole is moving closer to Siberia – and the magnetic field, which protects us from the Sun’s electromagnetic energy – is weakening 10 times faster than initially thought, particularly in the western hemisphere.  We’re being bathed in this powerful, constantly increasing energy, and radio-actively charged up to a higher level.

What’s happening from a spiritual perspective is time, space and our consciousness are being accelerated, whether or not we’re ready for it.  I saw a big explosion and a blinding burst of white light – the doors have been blown opened, waves of new energy are rolling in, we’re accessing more dimensions simultaneously, and we can either embrace the change, or get squashed by it.  Intuitive sensitivities are growing exponentially – particularly for kids.  Being “tuned in” is the new normal.

Because there were SO many simultaneous visions when I was meditating to get information, I cheated and pulled three Doreen Virtue Archangel Oracle Cards – available here at Crystal Visions! – to give me a kind of structure to present everything I was picking up.

The first card – which is SO perfect for tonight – was Courage with Archangel Ariel.  “Be courageous, and stand up for your beliefs.”  

We will need to draw on the limitless reserves of courage available to us as we navigate interesting times this winter.  Keep in mind NONE of this is about fear – it’s all about clarity, staying grounded and calling on your best self in league with divine guidance.

We’re hearing rumblings about this winter being particularly harsh, and I got visions of a number of areas of the nation in a complete “white out” for hours or days at a time. No electricity, impassable roads, very limited communication.  Just logically and calmly prepare in advance, and include neighbors who might need assistance in your plan.

I’m seeing impending water rationing –not just during a winter emergency, but kind of as a new normal.  I am seeing science creating feasible ways to draw water out of the atmosphere, but this is not a limitless resource.  We’re going to have to change our consciousness about how we use, conserve and protect our dwindling water resources.

I see more if not most colleges and universities in financial trouble, which will necessitate changes to our higher education system.  More institutions will be shifting to webinars and on-line classes, and scaling back the on-campus experience.  This includes the Ivy Leaguers. You’ll see more seminars at conference centers, think tanks, and creative, effective and alternative ways of educating and training people to enter the workplace and show positive leadership.  Meanwhile, community and vo-tech colleges will be getting stronger and more popular, and drawing more big names to teach.

CIA Torture Files
As other nations continue to express their anger at this report, I do see retaliatory attacks, and the US pulling out of some regions completely for the safety of embassy staff.  As scary as this is right now, have courage – and know this is a situation in transition.

We’re going to see our own citizens push back, and demand more accountability and humanity in our government.  This report and the Bush government’s repeated denials are not OK with us – and this winter we’re going to see courageous and united efforts for compassionate and responsible change.  That’s going to make a positive difference in how other governments view our nation.

I see the possibility of Senator Feinstein having a “sudden heart attack” or other “mishap.”  Surround her in white light.

The good thing about the release of the secret CIA torture files is there will be increasing public and global pressure to release other information, like the ET files.  The government is no longer some monolithic moral authority and can’t continue to play that self-righteous card of “How dare you question us” or “we know best.”  There’s definitely an opportunity for transformation and positive change through all of this, and it can start this winter.

When I looked at the big global financial forecast, I saw a lot of little square holes in the energy.  There were things being manipulated and hidden, and it didn’t appear the missing information was going to be easily or voluntarily retrieved.  I felt a much more solid outlook for investing more locally, and in opportunities for which you have a heart-felt connection.

All of these things will definitely need courage, conviction and higher consciousness this winter.

The second card I pulled was “All is Well,” with Archangel Jeremiel saying, “Everything is happening exactly as it is supposed to, with hidden blessings you will soon understand.”  

In his book, Man’s Search for Meaning, holocaust concentration camp survivor and psychiatrist Viktor Frankl basically told us we can endure the unimaginable, as long as we have something meaningful to focus on on the other side of the challenge.  Right now, honestly ask yourself, what gives my life meaning?  What is my divine purpose for being here?  Meditate on that, keep that close to your heart, and all will be well.

The third and final card was Archangel Sandalphon proclaiming Victory. "Your prayers have been heard and answered.  Have faith.”  Sandalphon is one of only two humans to make it to the angelic realm – he is believed to have been the Biblical prophet Elijah.

Yep – winter is coming, but so is validation, transformation and ascended consciousness.  So let’s courageously embrace the coming season together.  And it wouldn’t hurt to break out the eggnog early.

copyright 2014 Jonna Rae Bartges

Forecast for Winter 2014-15

Presented December 11, 2014 at Crystal Visions