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Predictions for Summer 2014

Presented 6-12-14 at Crystal Visions, Naples, NC

For Summer 2014, I received visions in the form of a “Virtual Weathercast.”

And first off – we’re in a spiritual ‘tornado watch’ period.

For the next few weeks – which have Mercury in retrograde, as astrologer Belinda Dunn will confirm, I’m seeing a lot of exhausting “going in  circles” patterns for both individuals and nations,

Are you starting to feel pulled in different directions lately?  Or feeling that you take one step forward, and two steps back?  You’re not alone.

It was as if we each have a swirling cloud of energy – it is white energy, at least – spiraling around us, and we’re fighting it, trying to regain our footing.  I feel this speaks to those “winds of change” we’ve been experiencing since last year, but now it’s presenting on a much more personal level.

For many months we’ve felt like we’re watching others go through a lot of challenges and changes, and suddenly, we find ourselves being pulled into this current without warning.

That understanding you had about what was happening at work?  You’re not understanding it quite as much right now.  Old aches and pains you had under control might be flaring up again – anyone noticing that? –  and we’re talking mental, emotional and spiritual aches and pains, too.  The old methods you had for dealing with them might not be working quite as well.  Even relationships that were solid as a rock seem to be shifting a bit. 

The secret to weathering this challenging, powerfully active energy is to stop seeking shelter from it, take a deep breath, and embrace it.  Literally, when we stop struggling against this change and make it a part of us, we’re back on solid ground, and in a much higher state of consciousness.

Change is always scary – and particularly when it’s this inescapable and dramatic, it can be terrifying.  But I’m seeing that this time, when we stop fighting it, it will be exhilarating, too.

That tornado-strength spiral swirling around us is tearing away the metaphorical dead-wood that’s been holding us down. We’re being given the gift of cleansing through June’s dramatic energy shifts, and with this free-will thing, we get to decide if it’s a torment or a blessing.  Remember, the energy of the tornado spirals upwards.  That means it’s raising our awareness as its power is unleashed.

The tornado vision then gave way to an idyllic scene of little blue sailboats floating peacefully on a serene mountain lake.  After the storms of this month we’ll have smooth sailing, literally and metaphorically, and beautiful clarity in our mental focus, communication and spiritual path.

But to weather this time of change right now – it’s all about releasing how we USED to do things, and uncovering a spiritually deeper, more soul-satisfying way to resolve conflicts, come into physical balance, experience abundance and connect with others, and our deeper selves.  It’s a perfect time to seek out new classes, music, body work options, wardrobe colors, places to visit, or even concepts to consider.  It’s a fertile time for planting new seeds for a harvest you couldn’t even have previously imagined.

Look for shifts even in the political landscape.  There are going to be allegiances and alliances formed that might have seemed impossible even three months ago.  Truths are coming to light, too, on several previously contentious fronts.  Watch for more headlines showing how push-back opponents were correct about Monsanto, chem trails, fracking, VA failings, privacy violations and other volatile issues.  Sometimes a few tornadoes are exactly what’s required to tear away the old status quo and let us rebuild in a positive and lasting way.

The forecast for July is hot, with scattered showers of consciousness.  What I mean by that is we’ll feel a burning desire to go deeper – to force ourselves to be more introspective – and we’ll put less stock into trying to make other people happy.  It’s like we’re coming into an awareness of how by honoring our own values and priorities FIRST, we’re actually better able to be of service to others.  The hot stillness of next month will be the ideal “incubator” for us to evolve more fully into that consciousness.

And those scattered showers of consciousness – I had a vision of each of us, frozen in mid step, suddenly and for the first time seeing each and every individual drop of rain as it falls.  We’ll be able to see how each little thought, word or deed we’ve ever had truly becomes powerful when it’s combined with all the others we have expressed, are expressing, or will express in the next moment, month or year.

It’s definitely a little “out there,” but the vision was showing that a single thought doesn’t define us, but when we choose to stay in that mode, and play that thought over and over again, it creates a downpour tuned to that energy. 

Of course that means when we start to connect those drops with positive action, we get a flood of blessings.  I’m feeling we’ll have the opportunity to witness that next month, and truly put it into action on a big scale.

As each of us is experiencing our own little microclimates, I’m seeing global weather patterns in similar flux.  Seriously – get rid of the concept of what’s normal.  Changing ocean temperatures will continue to shift all aspects of traditional weather patterns.   I’m also seeing new land being formed in the Pacific Rim as the Earth’s plates shift.  I’m seeing the discovery of new – and huge – deep ocean species, along with a new microbial threat that could pose a significant health danger in tropical climates.

Then in August – I’m picking up a very strange and unsettling energy – almost like a, “Oh no he DIDN’T!”  It’s like everyone just stopped what they were doing to take it all in – and when I tried to push further into the vision, it didn’t let me see past that point.

Because I call myself “The Happy Medium,” I couldn’t just tune out there, so I changed channels.  I asked to see what was the next positive step from that moment.

What I got was – Know yourself.  Honor what’s important.  Be mindful with what you think, say and do.  Know that every little action or thought is potentially life-changing.

You burn with the power of a thousand suns.  That’s not a platitude -- literally, scientific equations show that the human body outputs about 8000 times more energy by volume than our sun.  That’s your POWER.

It was 72 years ago TODAY, June 12, that a little girl named Ann Frank received a dairy for her 13th birthday.  Look at how her words have impacted the world. You have phenomenal power.  Use it for good.  Don’t save it for a rainy day.

(Copyright 2014 Jonna Rae Bartges)