Mission: To dissolve barriers between realms and pull the stars within reach for all who desire to touch them.

I was talking with a very psychic and brilliant friend this morning – she taught mass communication at Loyola University in New Orleans for decades, has won Emmy awards as a TV news producer and is an amazingly accurate intuitive, with or without her tarot deck.  As we were counting down the minutes until the Comey hearing began, she was talking about how insidious prescription drug commercials are. 

While they’re running down the list of possible side effects like they legally must do – possible liver and kidney damage, bladder leakage, loss of libido, severe rashes, high blood pressure, you won’t get that job promotion and you might start beating your dog – they’re showing us pictures of happy pretty people romping through meadows of colorful flowers.  So our take away is, (specific drug here) = happy pretty people and a ton of lovely flowers.  We have to be smarter than that!!

We are at a time in our personal history, as well as our nation’s and the world’s, where we have to engage ALL our senses, including that strong intuitive ability everyone has!   There is NO other option right now than to look beyond what’s being strategically created on the surface to “look nice,” and truly see into the heart of the matter.  This applies to each of us on every conceivable level.

On the personal level – everything might look ok – but really, is it? This summer, go deeper, and redefine ‘normal.’ It’s definitely the season to embrace change.  We’ve talked before about how we’re in a time of transition this year, and the summer is no different.  Release things that no longer serve you, whether it’s physical stuff, relationships, old attitudes and beliefs, or non-beneficial behaviors.  If you were merely in a “maintaining” energy with a relationship, it will shift this summer rather dramatically in either an “all in” or “all out” kind of way.  This applies to friendships and community connections as well as romantic pairings.

Changes in jobs will be more common, and this might show up as a shift in your responsibilities, or structural changes within the organization itself.  Businesses are experiencing something of an “adapt or die” energy as the nation continues to try to find its new center of gravity.

And speaking of our nation, the ‘going deeper’ that started with the Comey hearing this morning is just the beginning of a big shift.  Even after 45 claimed the election, I never saw him actually being president.  We’ll see more GOP leaders distancing themselves and the “I” word bandied about more.  The fact that cities, and entire states, have announced they are NOT leaving the Paris Climate Agreement sets the stage for a summer showdown.  On so many key social issues – helping refugees, medical care, education, Planned Parenthood, racial discrimination, sexism – we’re a very divided nation, with no wise leadership at the top.  Marches and protests in the summer tend to heat up quickly, so be aware, have food and water for a few days in case you can’t leave the house, and meditate.  There will be change in our government, and by fiercely adhering to the Constitution, it can be for the positive.

In the financial markets, limbo is not sustainable.  I see the system being redefined – like a reset – as the US dollar and dignity take a bit of a plunge in the short term.  It’s going to take a while to rebuild global trust, and that’s not going to happen this coming season.  Look to invest in clean energy and a chemical company that is in integrity, and working on agricultural advancements.  It’s also a sure bet to invest in distilleries, and any companies cultivating and distributing medical marijuana.  We’ll be needing both this summer.

I’m seeing cataclysmic storms changing the coastlines not only in the US, but around the world.  It feels like some islands in the Pacific may be lost. The combination of being ravaged by turbulent waves and hurricane-strength winds, along with erosion from acidic rains, will take a huge toll.

Extinctions that will make news this summer include a species of big cat, a bear, several species of birds, and some insects and earthworms.  The reason THAT is so significant is because they help break down dead organic matter into rich soil.  So look for more “dust bowl” regions cropping up around the globe.

I’m seeing blinking red lights moving around the planet, signaling more military action.  Look for surprising new alliances, and redrawing international boundaries.  It’s definitely feeling more chaotic globally.

And this is where the cool opportunities for the summer come in.  There will be chaos, yes, but from great chaos comes great change, and the potential for healing and balance.  Where we see darkness, in our personal lives, in our political system, in the world – BE the darn light!  Look beyond that meadow with the flowers and pretty happy people into what’s REAL – an opportunity for you to put on your big person pants, step up, and do something positive. 

Compassion is contagious – when we see someone helping, like Mr. Rogers’ mom told him, it makes US want to help, too.  How can you be of service?  We can go big, like assisting with immigrant resettlement and actively campaigning for politicians who reflect our values and compassion.  Or it can be more personal, and still deliver significant results.  Recycling, getting groceries for an ill neighbor, donating old instruments to a school’s music program – ALL of us have limitless opportunities to be compassionate, and make a difference, on whatever scale feels right to us. 

Speaking of chaotic energy – it can be a very exciting and positive thing, too.

Is anyone watching the National Geographic series “Genius,” with Albert Einstein?  Something that’s so cool is seeing the animation of his brainstorms, when equations, or streaks of light, start to form patterns floating in the air around him.  THAT’S HAPPENING TO ALL OF US!!  Are we paying attention?  The air is positively ELECTRIC right now, with numbers and symbols, and all this new information is right there, in front of us, waiting for us to absorb it.  Whether it’s the answer to a question we’ve been mulling over for days or even years, or something BRAND NEW, this intelligent energy is virtually begging us to acknowledge and process it.  How successfully we do this can pretty much change the course of our lives, and the Earth’s evolution.  No pressure!

So YES, be aware of the chaos, but refuse to be sucked into it.  Hold true to your values, and stretch your heart and mind to tap into this powerful energy of creation that’s SO strong with the dawning of the New Moon in Sagittarius tomorrow.  Find a way you can help someone else this summer.  When you do, you’ll be encouraging countless others to do the same.

You don’t need magic bracelets and a golden lasso to help change the world this summer.  But it wouldn’t hurt.







Summer 2017

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