Mission: To dissolve barriers between realms and pull the stars within reach for all who desire to touch them.

Cosmic Forecast for Summer 2016
Presented June 9, 2016 at Crystal Visions

When I was meditating today about how and what to share with you this evening, a big old cosmic newspaper plopped into my lap.  That actually made sense to me – my first “normal” job was as a newspaper reporter, and things are happening so quickly in all areas of our lives – globally, politically, spiritually and even in the comics – that a newspaper seems the ideal way to fit it all in.  So let’s start reading:


International Section:

I am feeling noticeable shifts in the population this summer. It's not clear whether this is simply through people changing geographical location, or we're leaving the planet. I’m not sensing panic or fear around this... it’s more of an orderly, mindful and intentional progression.  It’s as if there’s a new process or system being created to help people relocate – whether it’s refugees fleeing war, coastal communities moving further inland, or more of us relocating to Canada.

I remember I saw sinkholes for spring and those have happened around the world... I see that increasing dramatically. That might have something to do with the population shifts.

There’s also a temporary escalation in violence in global hotspots, but with a difference – more on that in a different section of the paper.

Unlikely alliances continue to be formed, and there is dialogue where before there was discord. This summer, at least partially due to climate changes, I’m seeing the potential for more strategic cooperation to share resources, including water and agricultural knowledge.

Local Section:

There’s some kind of a cooperative initiative being created in the Western NC region that’s going to serve as a model for other communities around the country.  It feels like it’s some kind of an amalgamation of education, health and politics that’s been in the works, and it comes to light this summer.  It could easily have something to do with Appalachian herbal medicine or practices, and it’s producing evidence-based results.

I’m also feeling something relatively new in the headlines about the increasing military presence in the region.

Faith & Religion Section:

This summer the Pope will be doing even more to raise awareness about the intersection of religion, spirituality, consciousness and compassion.  He’s helping to dispel fear of and prejudice towards many groups, including Muslims, and even opening the door to serious discussion about off-earth intelligence – aliens!  It’s important to keep him in a strong bubble of light in the coming months since not everyone – particularly those embracing the old Vatican hierarchy which Pope Francis is dismantling – is too thrilled with his changes.

Also in the spirituality section of our cosmic paper – young people today are way beyond the classification of “indigo” or even “crystal.”  These awakened rainbow kids are coming in at such a high frequency they’re raising human Consciousness significantly, just by being in the third dimension and serving as little “tuning forks” for the rest of us.  I feel as early as this summer we’re going to read about scientists being able to document higher vibrations in both the light and sound spectrums, identifying frequencies that were previously undetected. 

Weather, or looking skyward:

I’m feeling increasing meteorite activity from the breakup of large cosmic bodies.  I feel what’s happening is consciousness continues to expand, and I think this is that “unexplained force” science just said was pulling our Milky Way towards the center of the Virgo cluster at 200,000 mph. With this consciousness expansion, vibrations shift from the third dimension into higher planes, and the bonds that give objects density dissolve, causing particles to spin off into smaller and smaller pieces until they transition from the dense physical manifestation of energy into thermal and light energy.

I'm also feeling several very conflicting energies washing over the earth. Whether they're coming from other planetary influences or cosmic rays from outside our own solar system I'm sure Belinda will clarify, but I’m picking up a very strong energy of aggression and war – the concept of winning at any cost – along with the contrasting energy of working together in cooperative communities for the good of all. Balancing the two vibrations is the divine feminine energy. It is not a convergence of opposing energies that makes everyone deliriously happy -- but its strength lies in sustainability, compromise and coexistence.  It can be a very positive shift, depending on the meaning we choose to give it.

Business and Finance Section:

This summer I’m seeing some kind of a major incident involving big Pharma that's going to change both public perception of the pharmaceudical giants, and safety guidelines.

In the financial sector, I’m getting a green light – but exercise caution starting in mid July.  There’s a stock opportunity coming from Australia that looks good – it involves medical, transportation, or medical transportation.  The colors red and blue seem to be associated with it.

Concerning real estate -- in general – be conservative.  Aggressively get rid of things in your place that you no longer need to free up energy, but don’t be a hurry to either buy or sell.  Energies in this area are swirling and shades of gray, which indicates transition.  Do your homework.  Know your numbers.  Get both hemispheres of your brain to communicate honestly with each other before committing to a specific action. If there’s ANY hesitation – just stop, and wait for more clarity.  You will be VERY glad you did.

Science and Technology Section:

I’m feeling breakthrough research this summer on the impact of sound on matter.  How this knowledge will be used – weather, war, medicine -- or even if it will be made public – didn’t make this edition of the paper.

I’m seeing the announcement of a new way to irrigate arid parts of the Earth for agriculture. It involves literally taking water from the air – some kind of advanced mass-produced condensation -- without depleting the oxygen levels in the atmosphere. 

I'm also seeing the creation of an energy grid that involves linking up plants, minerals, crystals and solar energy to generate electricity.  There’s even an aspect of this grid that allows for including human consciousness to amp up and direct the collected energy.  I can’t WAIT to see this one in action.

Another blurb we’re likely to read this summer is how scientists from different nations – including nations that are at political odds with each other – are working together on time travel and teleportation research.  These experiments have actually been underway for decades, but the February proof of Einstein’s gravitational waves just accelerated global interest.

Health and Medicine Section:

News recently came out about a superbug found in a woman in the US.  I feel we’re soon going to learn something that’s contributing to mutations of viruses and bacteria is we’ve so dramatically altered our own body chemistry with environmental toxins and all the chemicals we consume, that we’re actually processing sunlight, food, water and even the air we breathe in a different way. 

The antibiotics and vaccinations that were originally developed are becoming increasingly ineffective, due to both our overuse of germ-killing agents, and our own bio-physical mutations.  This summer could be when these factors come to light.

USA – Politics Section:

In the presidential race... dirty tricks and violence around the candidates continues to intensify, creating national and global shock and disbelief. According to some reports, on Tuesday Bernie took California in a landslide – but for some reason, millions of his votes weren’t counted.  I do see Hillary winning – Obama just officially endorsed her today -- and Bernie playing a key role, but this alliance does not come easily. Her 'winning' might also just be as the presumptive party candidate. There's a lot of murkiness around the entire thing -- nothing seems to be locked in stone yet.

There will be more efforts to divide voters and regions against each other, which has through history been the most effective way to control and subdue any population.  For better or for worse, Trump has managed to focus international attention on the good, the bad and the ugly facets of our entire political process.  How appropriate is the Electoral College 207 years after it was last updated in 1809?  Then the US population was about 5 million people – now it’s more like 320 million. 

What’s the fairest way to give each of us a voice in this government that is intended to be of, by and for us?  This is an issue that will be hotly debated and dissected by academics and both parties in the coming months.  Look for some changes in the electoral process.

There are deep rifts in both parties that can only be healed before the fall election with more conscious efforts to create compassionate balance and a happy medium in the political spectrum.  It’s entirely possible.

Comics Section:

FINALLY - Cultivate your sense of humor and fun.  Be aware, but not wary.  Wariness, suspicion and fear generate lower frequency vibrations, and we choose to stay in the realms of higher consciousness.  Hug a tree.  Make a bad joke.  Watch a silly movie or TV show.  Do Laughter Yoga.  Just grin – your body will interpret the muscle movement needed to smile as real happiness, and will generate those feel-good serotonins.  Humor and gratitude will be your best “spiritual seat belts” for the interesting summer ahead of us!  Let’s make it magical.