Mission: To dissolve barriers between realms and pull the stars within reach for all who desire to touch them.

We’re continuing to be bathed in epic waves of solar electromagnetic energy, and the earth’s magnetic poles are continuing their steady migration.  Which means we can feel like we have the stability of a strawberry in a blender.  No matter how hard you push yourself, the minute you stop to catch your breath, you see a ton of things you still have to do – IMMEDIATELY.  You’re not only burning the candle at both ends – you’ve taken a blowtorch to the middle of the darn thing, too.

Belinda (Dunn, our astrologer) is going to be giving you more details on that from an astrological viewpoint, I’m sure.  But in the meantime, don’t forget to breathe, deeply.  Even the Today show was talking about Dr. Andrew Weil’s suggestion for the 4-7-8 breathing exercise.  YES we’re walking through the fire – but think of all the calories we’re burning!

Now, gently refocusing --

It’s not a new idea that we’re at a crossroads as a species.  I’ve seen that the decisions we make from now through the next two years will determine the future of our nation, and actually our civilization.

Civil Unrest

Gregg Braden, whose books include The Turning Point, Fractal Time and Awakening to Zero Point, said that looking at civilization’s trends over the past several thousand years, the nation is about due for another civil war.  I’m seeing increasing activity from survivalist vigilante groups, and more police vs. minority clashes. 

Part of what’s fueling the tension is the widening chasm between the haves and the have-nots.  I’m feeling there’s a great possibility for a meeting of the minds, and a kind of reconciliation coming up, when various factions HAVE to come together to deal with a completely different issue, like some kind of a natural disaster.  What I’m seeing as a high probability is a situation where everyone HAS to pull together.  It will require a re-thinking of what “normal” is, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

It’s only through fostering an authentic spirit of community and common good that we can bring balance.  The good news is 2015 IS the year of balance and prosperity, so the healing energy is there if we choose to channel it effectively and cooperatively.  It’s also good to know that Kindness IS contagious – it’s a documented fact that people seeing others doing compassionate work are wired to do likewise.  Let’s hold that positive possibility in our hearts, and take every opportunity to be the ones to initiate compassionate action.  Our future pretty much depends on it.


Throughout the summer Pope Francis will continue to make trips and pronouncements that help unite different groups both within and outside of Catholicism. He’s definitely shaking up the “old order” and getting thumbs up from people around the world who appreciate how he’s establishing common ground.   I’m not seeing the emergence of a “one world religion,” per se, but more of an embracing and honoring of our humanity, independent of any particular religious institution.

I’m feeling the kids today have a much clearer heart-centered understanding of what it’s all about in a spiritual sense then adults do.  I would love to see them being interviewed, or inviting them to speak in forums like TED Talks, about what’s most important for the people of the world to know now.  Start talking to the kids in your life this summer and see what they have to say.  I’d love to hear what you learn.  Please let me know – maybe Crystal Visions can be the incubator for Crystal Kids Visions.


I wouldn’t suggest making any high-risk investments this summer.  I’m seeing Wall Street like a huge inverted pyramid balancing on a golf tee.  A sudden breeze would topple it.  Stick with options offering a slow but steady gain, and stick closer to home.

I got a flash there IS a viable option coming out of Scandinavia this summer – look for something involving alternative energy and agriculture.

The Environment

My conspiracy theory friends are going nuts about the growing drought in the west, and attributing it to the shadow government messing with the atmosphere through chem trails and other means.  I don’t feel the real answer is likely to come to light this summer, but I do see significant increased awareness about sustainable agriculture.  I saw new technology that can extract water from the atmosphere is currently in development, so be looking for news blurbs about that over the next few weeks and months.

I’m also feeling that the spotlight on the nation’s poultry farms in light of the current avian flu outbreak is going to do a lot to move us in the direction of more sustainable and humane laws regarding industrial farming.  A lot has been kept out of the public domain because of corporate pressure.  The skyrocketing prices and dwindling availability of both chickens and eggs this summer will have people demanding information, and changes.


The world health organization has already lumped cell phones up there with lead and engine exhaust as far as being a carcinogenic hazard.  I’m feeling new studies definitively linking cell phone and wireless device use to increased risk of certain cancers will be made public this summer.  We can’t even IMAGINE the pressure the global communications corporations are exerting to ignore the numbers – but I’m feeling as incidents of brain cancers continue to rise, people will be demanding the truth.

On the positive side -- Nikola Tesla showed up – seriously, and I’ve never done hard drugs – and showed me medical science is right on the verge of releasing evidence that sound can be more effective than pharmaceuticals in treating disease.  He showed me how the vibration can penetrate a cell membrane without altering the membrane, facilitating healing and balancing from the nucleus of the cell, outwards.  From that point on, the new cells that would be reproduced would be healthy.  Look for some scientific studies on the effectiveness of sound healing in the next few months.  Or just ask my friend August Worley.

Global Conflicts

As the summer temperatures rise, so will tension in the world’s hot spots.  I see China as a big wild card in issues with Russia and Ukraine, North Korea and the Mideast.  I’m not seeing anything locked in stone yet as far as definitive action, but there will definitely be saber-rattling throughout the next few months.

I’m seeing dissension within the ranks with ISIS, so watch for some major changes soon regarding the size, direction and support for that faction.

Presidential Campaign

Social media is going to determine the course of this election.  I’m seeing things ALL the candidates would prefer be ignored brought to light.  It’s actually going to help level the playing field in the sense that it won’t necessarily be the biggest budgets that get the most bang.  Buckle in for a revealing summer.

And I’ll see you all at Hanna Flannigan’s after everyone else shares!


Predictions for Summer 2015

Presented at Crystal Visions

June 11, 2015


This is the word I dreamed up and had made into a bumper sticker.  It means one has the ability to see several possible futures, but chooses to focus on the most positive ones.  And BOY is that me tonight!! The visions I’ve been getting for days have been showing me the good, the bad and the ugly possibilities.  I first want to point out that Hanna Flanagan’s Irish Pub is open tonight until 2am.  Now let’s get started.