Mission: To dissolve barriers between realms and pull the stars within reach for all who desire to touch them.

Predictions for Spring 2014

Presented 3-13-14 at Crystal Visions, Naples, NC

When I meditated to get the information to share tonight, the first thing that floated into my brain was “Fractals.” I was shown how the energies impacting us this spring on a deeply personal level are the same ones that will determine the actions of the nation, and the world.

A cool picture on the Internet shows a photograph of fractals with a neuron, an electron and a Hubble image of galaxies forming.  The color images are exactly the same.

The definition of a neuron is an electrically excitable cell that processes and transmits information through electrical and chemical signals.

The core energy this spring will definitely be excitable – demanding radical change, new directions, and new connections – on every level.

First, on a Personal level – we seem to be feeling a little uncomfortable in our own skin, like the guy in the first Men In Black movie whose skin didn’t fit.  How many of you are feeling a bit out of step – or like you’re on a stage, but you got a different script then the other players? You’re doing “Sound of Music” while they’re doing “The Wolf of Wall Street?”

I feel the energy this spring is like we’re renegotiating our cosmic contracts – I’ll give up this, but I definitely insist on this – with relationships, priorities, behaviors, even values.  We’re realizing there ARE some times to be inflexible, and some things worth insisting on – and that’s OK.

It’s kind of like we realize we’re supposed to be shifting direction and the transitional phase of change is always the most uncomfortable.  This spring, in particular, is the prime time to “plant your flag” in the territory you intend to claim as your new frontier.  The more out of your comfort zone you dare to go, the greater the rewards you’ll reap as early as this fall.

You’re required to go deeper into your heart than you’ve ever done; to tune out external influences and get real – on every level.

Part of this inner journey the next three months is realizing that the veils between realms have continued to get thinner and thinner since 2012.  People who never talked about spiritual concepts before are initiating the conversations – and more people are owning up to having dreamt about things that later happen, or connecting to dead loved ones.  That spiral of evolutionary human conscious continues to inch up and up.

I feel that this spring, there will be a very public and surprising revelation from a person in the public eye – and it feels more like a political figure than a celebrity – who will admit to having metaphysical experiences.  This will definitely help “make it OK” for others to come forward, too.

Professionally – Changes in job situations and financial flow are likely now.  It’s important to release the idea of holding on to the current situation just for the sake of holding on.  As your skills, priorities and “must haves” are shifting, allow for fluctuations in your work situation.  I’m not saying you should just accept what happens – you need to mold the situation to best fit your abilities and needs – but know there’s great power in flexibility.  This is where that fractal energy of “making new connections” comes into play.  For many, and probably even most, the changes that happen as these energies transition will actually be better than the current situation. 

Globally – boy, are there mixed messages from the core of that excitable energy.  

On one hand I’m seeing antiquated, rusted weaponry of war being pulled back into service to create kind of a rag-tag military presence.  We know the obvious potential theaters of war – Russia, Venezuela, Syria – but it feels like even smaller nations are figuring they have nothing t lose, so it’s time to be aggressive.  I’m definitely seeing more violent conflict in different areas of the globe.

But while there’s that frantic, unfocused, excitable and confrontational energy bubbling, there’s also a slow but definite deepening of roots – strengthening the foundation of efforts to connect and unify.  There’s a strong feminine energy – the opposite of weak – that’s methodically, strategically, patiently and quietly trimming away resistance.  It feels like it will be the spring of reason and compassion – again, NOTHING about this energy is wussy – but it’s more about cutting losses and regrouping, rethinking, really, to redefine boundaries, limitations and the idea of “normal.”

Grassroots groups – created or frequently spearheaded by woman – will accomplish in a few month some connections among people and nations that have eluded more structured organizations for decades.  “Enough is enough” feels like the energy – enough tears, enough fighting, enough loss. 

It feels like more pushback around the globe – pushback and refusal to accept the deadly toll of war, the sudden rash of earthquakes where we’re fracking, or the caviler attitude towards the undeniable dangers of nuclear power.  The groundswell of feminine energy is enfolding these contentious issues in a cocoon of transition and light.  Dramatic shifts are set in motion.

Science -- I feel medical science is going to be announcing a new way to extend the spectrum of light we can perceive, through some kind of technological device – that will reveal other dimensions of life that have always existed side by side – or INSIDE us – that will change our view of medicine, environment and co-dependency.  This will open up a whole new realm of diagnosing and treating everything from mental health issues to allergies to cancer to even death.

Part of this new awareness will extend to the impact of sound on the physical body – and will lead to healing through tones, or music.  It will also bring to light how so many sounds that have become common or acceptable in our culture are actually physically hurting or even killing humans, animals on land and in water, insects and even microbes.  When we’re able to “see” these changes which are not yet visible within the limited spectrum of light in which we function, we as a species will be required to take immediate corrective action.

How many of you watched Cosmos on Sunday?  Check it out – it’s totally going to help raise global consciousness just by drawing people’s attention to the knowledge that’s becoming accessible in our lifetime.

Spiritually – That feminine energy, of creation and nurturing, the ‘new growth’ energy of spring -- will be more prominent not just in this season, but beyond.  It’s less about “becoming” and more about “being.”  Miracles come into reality when we mindfully stay in the present moment.  It’s a quiet joy – not a big show, but a contented realization that we ARE all we need.

To summarize – know that the kind of wild and crazy undirected energy you’re feeling inside is just waiting for you to direct it, and that pattern is being repeated on national, global and cosmic scales.  Powerful, positive, prosperous changes are in motion.  Just make the effort to guide that energy to best utilize its momentum.

It’s the perfect time to live the Quaker proverb: When you pray, move your feet.  Your spiritual path is beckoning.

(Copyright 2014 Jonna Rae Bartges)