Mission: To dissolve barriers between realms and pull the stars within reach for all who desire to touch them.

Predictions for Spring 2013

Presented 3-14-13 at Crystal Visions, Naples, NC

This was a particularly challenging vision quest, probably because so many things are in flux.  There is such an expansive, creative, quixotic energy permeating everything and everyone, and our greatest challenge right now seems to be where we focus our attention.  As I stayed in deep meditation, looking for how to break down all the images that were swimming into my awareness, the main image to emerge was a huge, sparkling, radiating green earth – a new earth, full of new promise and limitless possibility. 

Then what floated in was the Earth Day logo – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.  The words transformed in front of my eyes, and I realized I could break down the information I’m to share tonight into three main categories – Release, recreate and rethink.

Reduce becomes Release.

For the next three months, we have a phenomenal opportunity to release the old ideas, behaviors, relationships and limitations that no longer serve us.  As we’re being activated by the unprecedented radiation pelting us from the sun and the black hole in the galactic center of our universe, our consciousness is automatically being raised. 

We can either embrace this new and different way of thinking and being or be dragged along, kicking and screaming.  Many having trouble making this shift insist that if we just wait a bit longer, things will go back to the way they were.  They will NOT.

The way we relate to each other, to our government, to our spiritual and religious institutions, to our economic structure, to our education and health care systems, to other nations, to what we currently think is “reality” – all of this is dramatically different from where we were even 5 years ago.  

As humankind continues to ascend this spiral of evolutionary consciousness, new leaders and ideas are emerging, and a new way of “being” is gaining momentum.  We’re releasing the idea of passively sitting on the sidelines, and we’ll be seeing a lot more of that push-back civil disobedience along the lines of the Occupied movement in the coming months.

We’re going to see more people releasing the idea of the “bunker mentality” – where they think it’s safer-smarter-easier to withdraw from the world.  The higher consciousness concept of community, and the compassion that can accompany groups coming together, will be giving rise to more cooperative ventures in everything from sustainable farming to education to health and wellness.

As we release limiting old ideas and embrace new ones, our physical bodies will be challenged to catch up to the higher vibration we’re moving into mentally and spiritually.  This initial imbalance in our body-mind-spirit connection will be manifested in an increase in medical issues like anxiety, arthritis, high blood pressure and neurological challenges, like ringing in the ears and erratic vision changes. 

We’ll also see a rise in some new health challenges – I’m specifically seeing skin issues as emotional toxins we release manifest as strange rashes and other dermatological abnormalities.  Ideally we’ll also release the idea that only pharmaceutical remedies are valid, and will use energy medicine, herbs and centering practices like yoga and conscious breathing to help our physical body catch up with our mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Reuse becomes Recreate

I think the world saw this concept come into reality yesterday, when the Vatican recreated the image of the Catholic Church by electing the first Hispanic Pope.  Now if you’re familiar with some Nostradamus prophecies, he saw Pope Francis being the very LAST pope ever, as did 12th century Saint Malachy.  I didn’t get a LITERAL “yes” on that in my meditation. But I definitely DID get that the Catholic Church will be recreating its existing protocols to deal with increasingly gritty and public issues.

I feel our nation’s political system will undergo an energetic recreation taking root this spring to deal with the deep rifts created by the last contentious elections. I’m feeling more of that community-building focus, and less posturing for power purely for power’s sake.  There’s a face for each issue as people step up to create a grass roots movement to recreate balance in a system that’s not working for them.  This will be fascinating to watch this spring.

I’m feeling huge shifts in our healthcare system, and not just under the Obamacare banner.  Even such bastions of traditional western medicine like the Mayo Clinic and Harvard Medical School are offering complimentary and alternative medicine.  Dr. Oz is doing segments on his TV show like, “Are psychic mediums the new therapists?” 

MDs are frequently becoming acupuncturists to offer their patients more treatment options.  Pet and music therapies, guided meditation, energy medicine, aromatherapy, massage – all of these will experience a dramatic recreation as widely available conventional medical treatments, and it’s happening NOW.  You’re a part of it just being here!

On a deeply personal level, we’ll have unique opportunities to recreate ourselves.  I feel this spring is a powerful time to strip away all the smoke and mirrors and get down to brass tacks – what’s important to us?  What makes us feel happy, grateful and purposeful?  Why are we here?  Where are we going?  What does love look like for us at this point in our conscious evolution?  Honestly answering these soul-based questions, and then proceeding in the appropriate direction, will literally free us to recreate our lives in a powerful, positive and sacred new way. 

Recycle becomes Rethink

Our society is recovering from decades of gluttonous greed and an obsession with acquiring “new stuff.”  Instead of just recycling all that old stuff, I’m feeling a growing trend to rethink if we truly need all that new stuff in the first place.  Many of us are starting to realize just what we have is “enough.”

This spring will see more awareness, discussions, blogs and other media focusing on how many of us are opting to downsize, live in a cooperative community with shared housing and other resources, grow our own food and get off the grid as much as possible with solar or wind energy.  We’re rethinking what “success” means, and what we truly need in our lives to be happy.

We will rethink what’s important, and more frequently come up with concepts like community activism, and being active participants instead of mere spectators in our lives.  This means getting more involved in our schools, health care options, neighborhoods and government.

We’re already rethinking our connection to our planet. Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword – we’re rethinking the wisdom of huge houses and super gas-guzzling powerful cars in favor of more earth-friendly choices.  Kids today will be chiding US about our “carbon footprint.”  Hey, it’s THEM who will have to clean up after us.  Solar, wind and geothermal energies will become more affordable and available, mainly due to our demands.

We will rethink our nation’s role in global politics, and speak out.

We will rethink our connection to the cosmos.  I’ve been having dreams and feeling more and more strongly the irrefutable proof we’ve been waiting to confirm we’re not alone will be coming soon.  I just learned yesterday that next month at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, there’s going to be a Citizen Hearing on Disclosure.

An expected forty researchers, military and agency witnesses will testify over five days before former members of Congress to deliver the facts about alien visitations.  This hearing will be streamed live over the internet.  And the motto for this unprecedented event is, “If the Congress will not do its job, the people will."

So, to summarize, fasten your seatbelts!  We're going into unchartered territory here, and it will be critical that we all Release, Recreate and Rethink to the greatest extent that serves the highest good.


(copyright 2013 Rev. Jonna Rae Bartges)