Mission: To dissolve barriers between realms and pull the stars within reach for all who desire to touch them.

He was also showing how this is the time we MUST elevate things in the physical world into a higher state of spiritual consciousness.  We are in the physical world but not OF it – we are divine beings, and this is the time we must act like it.  We must remove the obstacles of fear and intentional division to choose compassion, unity and responsibility as our reality, and our future.  Don’t get sucked into the lower vibration of what’s being said – maintain your spiritual center.  Use the Spiritual BLOG first aid process (Deep Breathe, Love yourself, Open your heart; express Gratitude) to stay grounded and safe.  Holding yourself to a higher spiritual vibration will also serve as a tuning fork to raise the energies of those around you.

There are SO many cosmic energies bombarding us right now – doors into other realms are opening all around us, and igniting a fire within and around us.  Let’s break these energies down into how they’re impacting us this Spring on physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, karmic and cosmic levels.

Physical Level

For you, personally -- there is a fire burning within you.  Will you let it consume you in anger, fear, the need to feel control or the desire to hurt others?  Or will it purify you, letting you cauterize old wounds for deep healing, and release the things that no longer serve you?

Foods that you could eat and things you could drink are now causing an imbalance. Indigestion, stomach cramps, foggy thinking, insomnia or sluggishness – any or all of these might be happening for you now.

You can more frequently feel tired.  This is your body signaling that you need to change the fuel you’re consuming to accommodate the changes in DNA that are happening both from cosmic radiation, the accumulating environmental pollutants we’ve created through the centuries, and your ascending consciousness.  It’s like putting mud into the gas tank of a Maserati and thinking it will purr like a kitten.  It will not!

Do muscle testing to determine which things your body wants now, and which things it can’t handle any more.

Physical Level – Earth

On the physical level for our planet -- the lead poisoning of the water supply of Flint Michigan is the tip of the iceberg.  It’s going to come out more and more in the coming weeks that toxic and radioactive pollution is not only prevalent in the water supplies in heavily industrial areas of our nation and the world, but in the air, the crops, the animals – everything. These toxins are showing up in “pristine” areas of the poles.

This massive environmental pollution is changing not only our own DNA, but that of all the plants, animals, even the water and the earth. I’m seeing large numbers of birds, animals and insects not being able to make it – entire herds or pods are dying.  We’re starting to see it with Monsanto pollution and the bee population.  Expect to learn more about that in the next few months.

Also on the Earth’s physical level – I’m seeing more evidence of the earth breaking open – not just along fault lines, but it looks like burned areas and sinkholes, which I was also seeing last time.  This could be meteorite hits, volcanic activity, and geothermal vents, both on the ocean floor, and on land.  Some could also be manmade – nuclear testing or strikes, or intentional burning of targeted areas.  Send love and respect to Mother Earth this spring!

Mental Level

On the mental level, this fiery energy means we’ll have no patience for inauthentic people or bullies; but seemingly endless compassion for those who are struggling and vulnerable.  Look for grass-roots efforts to aid refugees and others fighting to overcome obstacles.

You’re connecting dots and finding synchronicities where before, you never even noticed the darn dots. Despite some general fogginess, your mind can function like a lazer right now.  If there’s something you want to really focus on, like learning a new language, or how to play the violin, you’re going to be able to “download” information pretty darn effectively.

If you’re not sure what direction you want to go, you’re going to feel like you’ve stalled out.  Take your cue from the Quaker proverb: When you pray, move your feet.  Decide what’s top of mind right now, and GO for it.  You will not be disappointed.  But you must have a focus.

Emotional Level

On the emotional level, the energies are making us particularly vulnerable.  If you watch the news, you are going to be emotionally traumatized.  PLEASE remember to do the Spiritual BLOG exercise to get back to your emotional center.
RE: the presidential campaign – there is a HUGE push this time to manipulate our emotions rather then engage our rational brain.

While there’s a lot of rhetoric to emotionally manipulate you, instead use this time to release things with which you no longer truly have a healthy emotional connection.  Whether that’s relationships, a job, behaviors, habits, a closet full of stuff, a huge house – whatever no longer emotionally nourishes and supports you – be ready to gently let it go.  The energies right now will empower you to remove previous obstacles, as Ganesh shows us, and cleanse body, mind and spirit.

Spiritual Level

On the spiritual level, the very Soul of the earth is calling out to us, and with the intensity and heightened awareness of this fiery cosmic energy, we’re starting to hear it.

We’re starting to connect with the consciousness of water, earth, air, and animals.  The more time you spend out in nature, the more grounded and connected and happier you will be.  Getting in sync with the spiritual rhythms of the earth will be our path to healing and prosperity, and doing the right thing at the right time.

Also on the spiritual level -- There’s an opportunity for us to begin passionately expressing divinity in our actions—like Ganesh was showing us – to remove obstacles to us creating a global peace. Refugee aid, a big commitment to education.  VOTING.  When we model integrity and compassion, and demand it from our political representatives, we can make hugely positive changes.  We can do this next week!

Karmic Level

OK – this is intense.  I saw that so many warriors from so many different wars have reincarnated together right now.  This encompasses Neanderthals vs. humans, colonists vs. British Empire, Romans vs. Everyone, Aztecs vs. Spain, the Mongol hordes vs. the samurai, The North vs. the South, The Empire vs. the Jedi – if they fought each other, they’re here, together again, now.

I’m seeing terrorists all in pale blue – meaning they honestly believe what they’re doing is the spiritually moral high ground.  They’re in this country, and around the globe.  They’re just repeating the karmic patterns they’ve lived before, repeating the same course of action they remember from before.

With all this warrior energy so prevalent globally, we have a HUGE karmic opportunity to balance ego with compassion.  This could truly be the time we transform the energy of the warrior into the energy of the compassionate leader.  Look to women to be strong leaders in taking the necessary steps to create global peace.

Cosmic Level

We are not alone, and our off-Earth relatives are constantly watching to see what action we choose to take.

Earth is an elemental planet –- when any being experiences a 3D lifetime, they burn off a LOT of karma.  Space relatives have a great interest in keeping us from blowing ourselves up while still refraining from interfering with our chosen rate of ascension up the spiral of human evolutionary consciousness. 

We’ve been here before – Original People legends around the planet all talk about global destruction by fire, ice and water.  Apparently we’ve circled back to the stone age several times already.  We don’t have to do that this time.  Ganesh is showing us that through wisdom and intellect, we can visualize a global state of perfection, as well as the means of obtaining it.

Let’s make this the spring of conscious compassion.  You can start by VOTING!


Presented March 10, 2016

At Crystal Visions

Is anyone aware that there are presidential primaries happening this spring? We have some work to do, people!

When I went to level to get the information to share with you tonight, I was honored to connect with Ganesh, the elephant-headed Hindu god of wisdom and learning.  He is revered as the remover of obstacles, and consequently the sign of auspiciousness.

He was purple—showing the importance of us tuning in to our clear vision, or clairvoyance – and looking beyond the surface of people and issues to see the divine inner core.