Calling all Reiki healers!

If you are certified in Reiki I, II or III, we invite you to participate in this great opportunity to be of service, and meet other fantastic members of the region's active and fun Reiki Community.

Please contact us at for more information and to confirm your participation.

Mission: To dissolve barriers between realms and pull the stars within reach for all who desire to touch them.

REIKI share

Saturday January 20, Noon - 3 p.m.

Crystal Visions, Asheville NC area

Happy New Year!

Start 2018 off right -- experience the GOOD VIBRATIONS of a gentle Reiki Healing session while also supporting the good works of the Charlie's Angels Animal Rescue team!

The body's natural state is to be in balance.  During the 20-minute Reiki session, the recipient relaxes on a treatment table, fully clothed, while Reiki energy flows from the practitioner's hands into the recipient.  Body, mind and spirit gently come into a state of well-being.

Reiki is NOT a religion, or a medical treatment. 

It is simply a gentle flow of energy, which can leave the recipient relaxed, refreshed and peaceful.  It is currently offered in more than 800 hospitals in the US, and some MDs even use Reiki healers in their operating rooms.

Each 20-minute session during the Reiki Share is $10, with ALL proceeds donated to Charlie's Angels Animal Rescue in Fletcher, NC.  The assembled healers are donating their skills, and Crystal Visions is donating the space.

A limited number of sessions are available -- please call Crystal Visions at (828) 687-1193 today to reserve your time.

Click here for directions to Crystal Visions.