Predictions for Summer 2017

Presented 6-8-17 at Crystal Visions

I was talking with a very psychic and brilliant friend this morning – she taught mass communication at Loyola University in New Orleans for decades, has won Emmy awards as a TV news producer and is an amazingly accurate intuitive, with or without her tarot deck.  As we were counting down the minutes until the Comey hearing began, she was talking about how insidious prescription drug commercials are. 

While they’re running down the list of possible side effects like they legally must do – possible liver and kidney damage, bladder leakage, loss of libido, severe rashes, high blood pressure, you won’t get that job promotion and you might start beating your dog – they’re showing us pictures of happy pretty people romping through meadows of colorful flowers.  So our take away is, (specific drug here) = happy pretty people and a ton of lovely flowers.  We have to be smarter than that!!We are at a time in our personal history, as well as our nation’s and the world’s, where we have to engage ALL our senses, including that strong intuitive ability everyone has!   There is NO other option right now than to look beyond what’s being strategically created on the surface to “look nice,” and truly see into the heart of the matter.  This applies to each of us on every conceivable level. Click here for complete forecast.

Predictions for Spring 2017
Presented 3-8-17 at Crystal Visions

We hate change.  As a species, we do everything we can to resist it, deny it, condemn it or just blissfully ignore it.

Guess what?

We gotta change that!  As I was deep in prayer and meditation this afternoon asking for the information to share tonight, It was as if I kept getting, “Yes, but…” answers.  Let me explain.

First of all, no matter which side of the political aisle you’re on, I think we can agree that the tone, energy, reputation and focus of our government have changed drastically in the past few months.  The twitter storms, accusations and open derision are only the most visible symptoms of the change that has been brewing in our nation for years, decades and even centuries.

Now that the sexism, racism, intolerance and fanaticism are finally out in the open, like a boil that’s been lanced, we each have the sacred opportunity to decide what meaning we’re going to assign to the events unfolding, and which responses and possible futures we’re going to choose.  This is where the “Yes, but…” messages come into play. Click for complete prediction.

Predictions for Winter 2016

Presented 12-8-16 at Crystal Visions

Winter is coming.

Because of the particularly hostile energies generated all fall, getting into and staying in a higher state of consciousness to receive the visions for winter was uncomfortably intense. 

I am STILL not getting clarity on Trump being sworn in.  There is such murkiness and confusion around a presidential transition.  I’m not sure if this is still my own disbelief, but I’m not seeing it’s a done deal, even just weeks away from the inauguration. 

There’s a big question mark around the Electoral College – I mentioned during our forecast back in March that aspect of our presidential elections  was going to be called into question.  So that might leave the door open for an historic reversal where the candidate the majority of Americans voted for actually becomes president.  Or it might be that Trump is suddenly out of the picture, even of his own accord.  Or it might be that he is being controlled to such an extent on every aspect of the presidency that he is merely the “host body” for the ones actually calling the shots. For complete forecast, click here.

Predictions for Fall 2016

Presented 9-8-16 at Crystal Visions

I have been nervous about going up in meditation to get the visions for this presentation tonight, because I intuitively know there is SO much riding on what unfolds this fall. 

I started to get up from my desk to light a candle, when I distinctly heard my spirit guides say, “You ARE the light.”  Sound familiar?  Each time we hear that, from any religious and spiritual perspective, it is true.  I see “Light” as representing higher consciousness.  So the BIG word tonight from THIS oracle is, “Light.”  Shine it.  Trust it.  Breathe it.  Be it.  This fall is a critical time to radiate divine light and higher consciousness with every breath.

There’s a lot of darkness coming at us now. Literally, from things like the lunar eclipse, amped up radiation from the black hole in the center of the Milky Way, and increasingly toxic campaign rhetoric.  More on that in a little bit.

This light that we’re all being called to radiate is going to burn through the facades that have been created to hide the truth of things on personal, local, national and global levels for decades and even centuries.  With this higher level of awareness, we’re going to begin to see reality, and in the process, we’re going to have some major decisions to make.  Click here for complete Fall 2016 forecast.

Predictions for Summer 2016

Presented 6-9-16 at Crystal Visions​​

When I was meditating today about how and what to share with you this evening, a big old cosmic newspaper plopped into my lap.  That actually made sense to me – my first “normal” job was as a newspaper reporter, and things are happening so quickly in all areas of our lives – globally, politically, spiritually and even in the comics – that a newspaper seems the ideal way to fit it all in.  So let’s start reading:

International Section:
I am feeling noticeable shifts in the population this summer. It's not clear whether this is simply through people changing geographical location, or we're leaving the planet. I’m not sensing panic or fear around this... it’s more of an orderly, mindful and intentional progression.  It’s as if there’s a new process or system being created to help people relocate – whether it’s refugees fleeing war, coastal communities moving further inland, or more of us relocating to Canada.

I remember I saw sinkholes for spring and those have happened around the world... I see that increasing dramatically. That might have something to do with the population shifts.  There’s also a temporary escalation in violence in global hotspots, but with a difference – more on that in a different section of the paper.  Click here for complete Summer 2016 forecast.​

Predictions for Spring 2016

Presented 3-10-16 at Crystal Visions

Is anyone aware that there are presidential primaries happening this spring? We have some work to do, people!

When I went to level to get the information to share with you tonight, I was honored to connect with Ganesh, the elephant-headed Hindu god of wisdom and learning.  He is revered as the remover of obstacles, and consequently the sign of auspiciousness.

He was purple—showing the importance of us tuning in to our clear vision, or clairvoyance – and looking beyond the surface of people and issues to see the truth of the situation.

He was also showing how this is the time we MUST elevate things in the physical world into a higher state of spiritual consciousness.  We are in the physical world but not OF it – we are divine beings, and this is the time we must act like it.  We must remove the obstacles of fear and intentional division to choose compassion, unity and responsibility as our reality, and our future.  Don’t get sucked into the lower vibration of what’s being said – maintain your spiritual center.  Use the Spiritual BLOG first aid process (Deep Breathe, Love yourself, Open your heart; express Gratitude) to stay grounded and safe.  Holding yourself to a higher spiritual vibration will also serve as a tuning fork to raise the energies of those around you.

There are SO many cosmic energies bombarding us right now – doors into other realms are opening all around us, and igniting a fire within and around us.  Let’s break these energies down into how they’re impacting us this Spring on physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, karmic and cosmic levels. Click here for entire Spring 2016 forecast.

Predictions for Winter 2015-16
Presented 12-10-15 at Crystal Visions

How many of you remember those cool little model train sets we put out at Christmas time?  We’d create an entire miniature village, or even a whole region, with railroad tracks, roads, small buildings and smaller people, cars, trees -- sometimes even bridges and tunnels.  Even though we could see all the details – in fact, we CREATED them – and we were right there, watching everything, we weren’t really LIVING in that little village. 

OK – that’s a crash course in how to look what’s happening in the world, without being sucked into it.  There’s some intense stuff coming up through March, and we each have a part in creating it, much like we created the model train villages.  So let’s talk a look.

On the physical front, with all the external energies swirling around, it’s easy to get the feeling we’re standing on a threshold, and people are pointing fire hoses at us from the front, back and both sides.  You can start to feel overwhelmed and under pressure before you’ve set one toe out of bed in the morning, and many of us are experiencing a host of unusual and or persistent aches and pains.  Sound familiar?

Because you’re here tonight, you’re already tuned to a more sensitive frequency, so you’re picking up on the cosmic energies radiating us, and changing our DNA.  Our physical bodies are struggling to keep up with our ascending consciousness.  You’re also picking up the murky emotional state of our nation, and the world.

Before we go any further, here’s a quick cosmic first aid kit for when you’re feeling unsafe – I call it BLOG, to put a spiritual spin on that social media term.

      * Breathe – Dr. Andrew Weil's 4-7-8 breath is inhaling to the count of 4, holding the breath to the count of 7,    then energetically exhaling to a count of 8.  Do that 3 or 4 times when you feel overwhelmed.
      * Feel Love for yourself!
      * Open your heart.
      * Express authentic Gratitude for something in your life. 

Doing these four things – and you can accomplish them all in about 90 seconds – can instantly ground you, raise your consciousness and have you radiating peace and grace.  Click here for entire Winter 2015 forecast.

Predictions for Fall 2015
Presented at Crystal Visions September 10, 2015

I had a vision of a road, at night.  Several meanings came to me when I asked for explanations.  While there are a lot of things that are being hidden from us at the moment, when we flick on our proverbial “high beams” of awareness, we’re going to continue to make progress on our path. 

I saw a round red robotic type orb rolling past my car in the opposite direction, going back where I just came from.  I saw that as a message to be aware of things that unexpectedly will come at us, but not to panic and back-track.  Don't waste time second-guessing yourself. 

This fall it’s going to be important to be present – to act authentically from a heart-centered space in all things.  Reliving things you wish you’d done differently in the past, or worrying about a future that hasn’t materialized, will only scatter your energy and cause you pain.  Take a deep breath, transform any fear into curiosity, and approach the next three months with a good balance of child-like wonder and spiritual purpose.

On a physical plane, we’re being bombarded with cosmic energies that are amping up our sensitivity.  This means the good things are really, really good, and the not-so-good things are pretty darn frustrating.

Little things that were mildly irritating are becoming toxic.  Unpleasant sudden sounds can cause almost physical pain.  How many of you are noticing that the ice cubes in your freezer taste funny, or what had been minor food sensitivities are blooming into full-fledged reactions?

As your vibrations raise, your body, mind, emotions and spirit will be responding in more noticeable and puzzling ways.  The irony here is only by surrendering will you rise above things.  You have nothing to “prove.”  You have only to “be.”  We are finding this “being” thing is much more challenging, but ultimately, rewarding. Click here for entire Fall 2015 forecast.

Predictions for Summer 2015
Presented at Crystal Visions June 11, 2015

This is the word I dreamed up and had made into a bumper sticker.  It means one who has the ability to see several possible futures, but chooses to focus on the most positive ones.  And BOY is that me tonight!! The visions I’ve been getting for days have been showing me the good, the bad and the ugly possibilities hovering around to come into being this summer.  I first want to point out that Hanna Flanagan’s Irish Pub is open tonight until 2am. Now let’s get started.

We’re continuing to be bathed in epic waves of solar electromagnetic energy, and the earth’s magnetic poles are continuing their steady migration.  Which means we can feel like we have the stability of a strawberry in a blender.  No matter how hard you push yourself, the minute you stop to catch your breath, you see a ton of things you still have to do – IMMEDIATELY.  You’re not only burning the candle at both ends – you’ve taken a blowtorch to the middle of the darn thing, too.

Belinda (Dunn, our astrologer) is going to be giving you more details on that from an astrological viewpoint, I’m sure.  But in the meantime, don’t forget to breathe, deeply.  Even the Today show was talking about Dr. Andrew Weil’s suggestion for the 4-7-8 breathing exercise.  YES we’re walking through the fire – but think of all the calories we’re burning!

Now, gently refocusing -- It’s not a new idea that we’re at a crossroads as a species.  I’ve seen that the decisions we make from now through the next two years will determine the future of our nation, and actually our civilization. (click here for entire Summer 2015 forecast.)

Predictions for Spring 2015
Presented at Crystal Visions March 12, 2015

When I sat down to pray and meditate on what’s coming up for us this spring, I immediately saw a spectacular interplay of shadows and sunlight.  This is quite appropriate since we’re in for a total eclipse of the sun on March 20th.

First, let’s probe some shadows.  I'm definitely feeling the possibility of disruptive incidents, around Memorial Day, to knock people off balance and catapult them into a place of fear.

I’m sensing more teens could be drawn into cults or fringe groups out of a feeling of despair and hopelessness.  These sensitive crystal children have grown up under terror alerts, getting groped at airports and generally being told not to trust anyone.  This gives them a very twisted and unbalanced sense of their self-worth.  

Even in their schools, studies which nurture body, mind and spirit aren’t so available anymore.  Music, the arts and increasingly, even science classes, are being dropped.  Kids aren't nearly as able to explore their special abilities and skills, which promotes healthy self-esteem and a positive, realistic understanding of their power to make good and beautiful things happen.  All these shifts away from creative opportunities make kids more vulnerable to a radical group’s false promise of connection, purpose and immortality.  Click here for entire forecast.

Predictions for Winter 2014-15
Presented at Crystal Visions December 11, 2014

How many of you feel like you’re in something of an emotional spin cycle?  You feel like you’re always behind – you’re forgetting things – stuff isn’t where you put it or where you expect to find it – you and everyone around you is a bit more short-tempered.  On the physical level, there’s a catch or dryness in your throat -- joint stiffness, and generally an “out of balance” or “missing the boat” kind of feeling.

Here’s what that means.  From a scientific perspective, Earth’s magnetic poles are shifting – the north pole is moving closer to Siberia – and the magnetic field, which protects us from the Sun’s electromagnetic energy – is weakening 10 times faster than initially thought, particularly in the western hemisphere.  We’re being bathed in this powerful, constantly increasing energy, and radio-actively charged up to a higher level.  What’s happening from a spiritual perspective is time, space and our consciousness are being accelerated, whether or not we’re ready for it.  I saw a big explosion and a blinding burst of white light – the doors have been blown opened, waves of new energy are rolling in, we’re accessing more dimensions simultaneously, and we can either embrace the change, or get squashed by it.  Intuitive sensitivities are growing exponentially – particularly for kids.  Being “tuned in” is the new normal. For entire Winter 2014-15 forecast, click here.

Predictions for Fall 2014

Presented at Crystal Visions 9-11-14, Naples, NC

Because it’s so easy for me to just go out of my body and into a spaced out state, I always ask for some kind of a basic structure when I do these forecasts to give me something of an organizational “tether.”  That way I’m able to vision and come back down enough to type at the same time.  For past forecasts I’ve received information in the form of chakras, the medicine wheel, a house tour – you get the idea.  THIS time, for fall 2014 – I got an Ironman Triathlon.  I feel this will be a time of testing, endurance, separating yourself from the crowd and reaching up to touch into that higher consciousness being you know you are, and integrating that awareness into your body, mind and spirit.  Grab some sunscreen and a towel – we’re jumping in.  Click here for complete forecast.

Predictions for Summer 2014
Presented 6-12-14 at Crystal Visions, Naples, NC

For Summer 2014, I received visions in the form of a "Virtual Weather cast."  And first off – we’re in a spiritual ‘tornado watch’ period. For the next few weeks – which have Mercury in retrograde, as astrologer Belinda Dunn will confirm, I’m seeing a lot of exhausting “going in  circles” patterns for both individuals and nations,Are you starting to feel pulled in different directions lately?  Or feeling that you take one step forward, and two steps back? You’re not alone.

It was as if we each have a swirling cloud of energy – it is white energy, at least – spiraling around us, and we’re fighting it, trying to regain our footing. I feel this speaks to those “winds of change” we’ve been experiencing since last year, but now it’s presenting on a much more personal level. Click here for entire forecast.

Predictions for Spring 2014

Presented 3-13-14 at Crystal Visions, Naples, NC

When I meditated to get the information to share tonight, the first thing that floated into my brain was “Fractals.” I was shown how the energies impacting us this spring on a deeply personal level are the same ones that will determine the actions of the nation, and the world.

A cool picture on the Internet shows a photograph of fractals with a neuron, an electron and a Hubble image of galaxies forming.  The color images are exactly the same. The definition of a neuron is an electrically excitable cell that processes and transmits information through electrical and chemical signals.  The core energy this spring will definitely be excitable – demanding radical change, new directions, and new connections – on every level.

First, on a Personal level – we seem to be feeling a little uncomfortable in our own skin, like the guy in the first Men In Black movie whose skin didn’t fit.  How many of you are feeling a bit out of step – or like you’re on a stage, but you got a different script then the other players? You’re doing “Sound of Music” while they’re doing “The Wolf of Wall Street?”

I feel the energy this spring is like we’re renegotiating our cosmic contracts – I’ll give up this, but I definitely insist on this – with relationships, priorities, behaviors, even values. We’re realizing there ARE some times to be inflexible, and some things worth insisting on – and that’s OK.Click here for entire prediction.

Predictions for Winter 2013-14

Presented 12-12-13 at Crystal Visions

When I started praying about 4:30 this afternoon to get the information I was to share tonight – it’s all fresh! – I saw a view of the earth, from space, and it was very very active.

First of all, energetically, things are coming to a head.  It’s reached the boiling point, so to speak, and things that might have been swept under the proverbial rug are coming to light.

This is happening on a global level.  Governments are increasingly dissatisfied with their old cronies, and are trying to form new alliances.  There’s a razor-sharp focus on the advantages and disadvantages, on economic, power and feasibility levels, of who wants to cooperate with whom, and why.  I’m not feeling a lot of heart-centered energy in this reassessment.  It’s more “what will I get out of this, and when.”

On national levels, it’s playing out in battles with environmentalists and the 1% versus everyone else.  As more cities face bankruptcy, pensions, education and health care are on the chopping block.  Financial imbalances will become increasingly more dire in the coming months, forcing more and more municipalities, and the populations they’re supposed to serve, into a standoff.  The “borrowing from Peter to pay Paul” backroom deals and over-inflating the value of things that were kept in the shadows are coming to light, and it’s not pretty. Click here for entire prediction.

Predictions for Fall 2013 

Presented 9-12-13 at Crystal Visions

I’m an old newspaper editor – I was trained to present news in a way that was easy to grasp and digest – so I like to have some kind of format when I’m sharing information.  Particularly transformational information, like what’s going to be happening over the next three months.  When I meditated and “went up” to see what I would be talking about tonight, I heard, “Location, location, location,” and saw a house.  Then images started streaming, taking me from room to room and breaking down the fall forecast like a house tour.  So – please follow me right in.

Front Door:

Opportunities are knocking – but so are nosy neighbors.  The next three months will be an important time to have polite but appropriate boundaries. Be mindful about the people and things you’ve giving access to, and accepting into your life.  You can’t be all things to all people, and you’re really going to have to choose where to focus your attention.  Not everyone will be happy with you when you don’t invite them in – but isn’t that THEIR stuff to process?Click here for entire prediction.

Predictions For Spring 2013

Presented 3-14-13 at Crystal Visions, Naples, NC

This was a particularly challenging vision quest, probably because so many things are in flux.  There is such an expansive, creative, quixotic energy permeating everything and everyone, and our greatest challenge right now seems to be where we focus our attention.  As I stayed in deep meditation, looking for how to break down all the images that were swimming into my awareness, the main image to emerge was a huge, sparkling, radiating green earth – a new earth, full of new promise and limitless possibility. Then what floated in was the Earth Day logo – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.  The words transformed in front of my eyes, and I realized I could break down the information I’m to share tonight into three main categories – Release, Recreate and Rethink.

Reduce becomes Release.

For the next three months, we have a phenomenal opportunity to release the old ideas, behaviors, relationships and limitations that no longer serve us.  As we’re being activated by the unprecedented radiation pelting us from the sun and the black hole in the galactic center of our universe, our consciousness is automatically being raised. 

We can either embrace this new and different way of thinking and being or be dragged along, kicking and screaming.  Many having trouble making this shift insist that if we just wait a bit longer, things will go back to the way they were.  They will NOT.  Click here for the complete prediction.

Predictions For Winter 2012-13

Presented 12-13-12 at Crystal Visions, Naples, NC

When I went into deep meditation to receive the information for what’s coming up in the next three months, I was instantly shown a Medicine Wheel.  I was told to read the wheel in the traditional way, starting in the East, to understand how the things unfolding would naturally flow into each other.  Here’s what I was given:  In the First Quadrant of the Medicine Wheel – Rude Awakenings

You might THINK you’re on a spiritual path and making good time, but there’s a great chance that during the next three months, you could feel like you’re an eagle soaring over mountain tops, then suddenly crashing into a glass wall. 

Your beliefs will be tested – old dreams will be released and you must create new ones to manifest a new path.  This doesn’t necessarily mean you were going the wrong direction – but maybe just flying at the wrong altitude.  You need to survey the terrain around you from a new height to stay current and fly WITH the winds of change – not against or across them.

Click here for the complete prediction.

Predictions For Fall 2012

Presented 9-13-12

In June I saw “integration” being the big theme all summer.  Through December, I see that’s still important, and ‘expression and action’ are the other key concepts to consider as we approach 12-21-12. Click here for the complete prediction.


Mission: To dissolve barriers between realms and pull the stars within reach for all who desire to touch them.

Cosmic Forecast For Winter 2017

Presented December 14, 2017 at Crystal Visions

Winter is coming.

It was 5 years ago last night we did the Cosmic Forecast for Winter 2012.  I normally get happy, light images and information, but that particular night the energy I received when I tuned in was alarmingly different.  I saw that a lot of lights were going to be extinguished – people were going to die -- and it would be the children who helped us deal with the pain.  The next morning, Adam Lanza walked into Sandy Hook Elementary School and fatally shot 20 children and 6 adults.

The reason I’m sharing that is because the energy I was picking up today was just as intense, but it had a completely different frequency.  The 2012 energy was “in your face” – we were flying right into it and immediately feeling the pain of what was unfolding.  This time – for this coming winter – all the biggest things are set in motion deep beneath the surface.  We might see a calm ocean with sunlight reflecting off the gentle surface waves -- but don’t be fooled.  Even though we’re not literally seeing things shift and change, everything – and I mean everything – is in a state of flux.

Nothing is as it seems.
Click here for complete forecast.

Predictions for Fall 2017

Presented 9-14-17 at Crystal Visions

Back in 2001, just a few weeks before he died from metastasized melanoma, my late husband Paul and I were watching a travel channel special on the Mayan pyramids.  The narrator said that according to the Mayan calendar, the world as we knew it was going to end in 2012.

​Paul turned to me and said, "I'm just getting out while the getting's good!"

Paul had made a conscious decision when he received his terminal diagnosis that he was going to make the best of a devastating situation.  He was going to redefine "normal," and humor was going to be an important part of that process.

As we jump right into what I saw coming up this Fall, it's essential that EACH of us consciously redefines exactly what 'normal' is now in our world.  Incorporating humor into challenging situations will help us keep going, too.

Has anyone here read the book of Revelations?  If you have, or if you've been on the internet lately, you already know about the energy of the celestial alignments coming up next weekend.  But in the meantime -- Why wait for September 23rd to see if the world as we know it is going to end?  The world as we knew it has ALREADY ended, and we’ve all been co-creating a new one for many years now.  Our reality is always changing and morphing, always in direct relation to the consciousness we choose to have. Click here for complete forecast.