Mission: To dissolve barriers between realms and pull the stars within reach for all who desire to touch them.

Predictions for Fall 2013

Presented 9-12-13 at Crystal Visions, Naples, NC

The House of Your Future

I’m an old newspaper editor – I was trained to present news in a way that was easy to grasp and digest – so I like to have some kind of format when I’m sharing information.  Particularly transformational information, like what’s going to be happening over the next three months.  When I meditated and “went up” to see what I would be talking about tonight, I heard, “Location, location, location,” and saw a house.  Then images started streaming, taking me from room to room and breaking down the fall forecast like a house tour.  So – please follow me right in.

Front Door:

Opportunities are knocking – but so are nosey neighbors.  The next three months will be an important time to have polite but appropriate boundaries.  Be mindful about the people and things you’ve giving access to, and accepting into your life.  You can’t be all things to all people, and you’re really going to have to choose where to focus your attention.  Not everyone will be happy with you when you don’t invite them in – but isn’t that THEIR stuff to process?

If you can shut the door to distractions and unrealistic demands the next few months, you’re going to stop those energy leaks that have been draining you lately.  Be more discriminating about whom you let into your life right now.  Compassion is always appropriate, but trust is earned.  And be mindful of what new tasks you agree to take on because it’s too hard for you to just say no.  Say it with me now…”No.”  Remember that.  You’ll be needing it.

Living Room:

How to couch this – You’ve been hording too much stuff, and you barely have a place to sit down.  How many of you have felt a little off balance lately, a little uneasy?  The typical reaction to that kind of transitional energy is to stockpile things – whether it’s physical stuff you really don’t need, or a list of excuses for why things are “such a mess lately.”

The next three months are a fantastic time to “clean house” literally and figuratively.  Get rid of the clutter – there are donation centers that could really use your old clothes, furniture and household stuff, and schools that would love to have your unloved books.  The more stuff you get rid of, the more room you to have to breathe, and the more space you’re clearing out for positive, exciting new energy to flow to you.

And in the mental and spiritual realm – the energy coming up is excellent for releasing old fears, attitudes, limitations, trash talk – all the tapes you play that made it more difficult to live in the powerful, positive reality of who you truly are.  Simply saying daily affirmations like, “I release all negatives to the light” is unbelievably powerful and productive.  Use them!

One more thing about spending time in your living room – try not to be too startled when the lamps flicker or the TV suddenly turns off or on.  As we continue to raise human consciousness thru our prayer and meditation, the veils between realms continue to get thinner and thinner.  It’s so much easier for loved ones in spirit to connect with us, particularly through electrical devices.  Expect to see lots of little coincidences and synchronicities, and I promise, you will.

Dining Room:

Whether your table is tiny or banquet size, it’s time to make it an inviting place to be nourished.  Use the nice dishes.  Light a candle.  Put fresh flowers on the table.  When you nourish yourself with beauty and grace, you bring more beauty and grace into every aspect of your life.  Stop and appreciate the bounty the universe has put before you.  We celebrate Thanksgiving this season – let’s start celebrating it every day.  While the days get shorter, our list of blessings can get longer.  And THAT’S the way to fill your body, mind and spirit with light, and stay on an even keel.


What’s in your fridge?  Are the cupboards stocked with junk food or vitamins?  There’s a heck of a lot of truth in the old adage, “garbage in, garbage out.”  What’s on your menu?  Literally – this is the harvest time, when the freshest fruits and vegetables are ripe for the picking.  Choose the things you know will nourish you on every level.  Mentally, start taking stock of what your goals were at the beginning of the year.  How close have you come to accomplishing them?  You still have an entire quarter to cook up solutions and get back on track if you’ve strayed. And this is a great time to tack that spiritual grocery list on your metaphorical fridge.  What good things do you want to bring into your life this fall?  Take the time to visualize and list them.  They’ll be there to nourish you in no time.


How many of you are tossing and turning when you’d rather be sleeping?  This energy of transition and transformation that’s bathing the Earth right now can certainly lead to restless nights.  Two things to try – just breathing deeply and mindfully can instantly ground and refresh you, and prepare you for a good night’s sleep.  Dr. Andrew Weil suggests inhaling to a count of four – do it – hold it to a count of 7 – then exhale, loudly, to a count of 8.  Again…once more.  Feel how things just settled down? 

No matter what things unfold this fall around you on personal, national or global levels, they will have the meaning you choose to give them.  Getting mental clarity through mindful breathing will go a long way in helping you process things in the most positive way possible.

You need your sleep this fall – try to make the bedroom as electronics free as possible.  Also, think about the three most positive things that happened to you that day, and if you had a role in making them happen.  Energetically you’ve just set your frequency to “high,” insuring deeper, sweeter sleep and a greater possibility of remembering important information that will come to you in your dreams.


We already talked about eliminating things that no longer serve you – and it bears repeating.  You intuitively know the things that are weighing you down – vow to let them go this fall.  From the Bible – “What I feared has come upon me” – to Richard Bach’s Illusions, “Argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they’re yours.”  Flush those unpleasant, restrictive blocks out of your life NOW, while the energy is all about cleansing.  You’ll be lighter on every level – and flushed with pride.


No matter how much we get our own house in order, there’s a big world out there – and right now, I see a lot of pain. When I prayed about what to share tonight, I did see thunderclouds – and it wasn’t just because Weaverville was getting rained on!  There definitely is shadowy energy around us right now.  We can live in a state of fear, worrying about what might or might not happen, and being tempted to just shut the drapes.  Or we can choose to breathe deeply, ask the divine source for clarity, and be a force for good. 

When you look out that window, don’t think for a second that thin sheet of glass separates you from anyone or anything else.  We are all interconnected on every level.

​Outside the snug walls of our house there IS saber rattling, and suspicion, and anger, and fear.  But everything in nature has a frequency – and that’s a scientific law.  This fall when it will be SO easy to get sucked off balance, why not take this window of opportunity to be spiritual tuning forks, keeping your vibration high, and raising the vibration of those around you?

Be a teacher’s aide in your kid’s classroom
Tutor kids after school
Walk an elderly neighbor’s dog
Start a weekly or monthly meditation and discussion group
Read a spiritual book a month
Make eye contact, smile and say “thank you” to the cashier

ANY of these small efforts will have big results, especially now, when people are looking for leadership and meaning.  We’re bringing in the harvest of what we’ve nurtured all year, and already planning what we’re planting next.  Trust that every positive thought, word and or deed will yield beautiful results – and you won’t have to wait to reap the rewards.

Every act of compassion and kindness sets off a ripple effect, which means all of you can definitely help bring about a new season of peace, respect, balance and healing in every room of your “house,” and in the world.

Set healing energies in motion this fall.  Be part of the change we’re all waiting for.  The time is right to get your house in order. 


​(copyright 2013 Rev. Jonna Rae Bartges)

"I didn't arrive at my understanding of the fundamental laws of the universe through my rational mind."
~ Albert Einstein