Mission: To dissolve barriers between realms and pull the stars within reach for all who desire to touch them.

I feel we’re going to have to go deep in this first part of the fall – think “baptism” or “purification” – and decide just how mindfully we choose to live our spiritual truths in our daily lives.  You can’t be one person in your place of worship or meditation, and someone else the rest of the time. Jon Stewart said it best -- If you don’t stick to your values when they’re being tested, they’re not values – they’re hobbies.  Which of the things you’ve studied, practiced and think you believe are values?  Which are hobbies?  This fall, I really feel you’re going to have a chance to test yourself, and find out. 

Biking = Balance and Discernment 

OK – take a deep breath now, and get your footing again – we made it through the spiritual introspective swimming part of the triathlon, and now we’re jumping on our bikes. That brings us to the next demanding energy of Fall 2014 – maintaining our balance while still moving forward on our spiritual path.  I feel our next opportunity to tap into our higher self this fall will be how well we use our power of discernment, which is linked to balance. 

SO much of the information that’s hitting you constantly is merely masquerading as “The Truth.”  Whether it’s the news media, political advertising, the things social media insists “everyone else” are doing, eating, wearing or caring about – PLEASE be discerning!  If it resonates for you, and is in line with your values and the sincere desire of your heart, awesome.  GO with it. But don’t sacrifice any part of who and what you are to “not make waves.”  When you lose your sense of balance, you’re not going anywhere on your spiritual path. 

A major part of this balancing act will be deciding where to invest your time, talent and treasure.  There are huge needs, in our community, our state, our region, our nation, our world.  Being of service to others is one of the three key elements of being happy – the other two are faith in something greater than you, and supportive friends. What does “being of service” look like at this point in your life?    There are so many things unfolding right now, and you could choose to make your voice heard in the immigrant child refugee crisis, escalating tensions in the middle east, environmental responsibility, the education system, the disappearing middle class – what do you care about passionately?  How would you like to help?  And how do you get involved, and still maintain a healthy balance?  Get ready to find out. 

You don’t have to be psychic to know this fall’s mid-term election campaign is going to be particularly bitter and derisive.  We’ll be deciding on 36 governors, 36 US senators and all 435 US house seats.  How will you keep your balance immersed in relentless campaigning on TV, radio, social media, billboards, mailings, door-to-door soliciting, and everything else? How will you maintain a balance when someone challenges your choices?  Lines will be crossed this fall. I’m seeing some big scandals that will make Watergate look like a garden party. 

Perhaps the most difficult thing about maintaining a sense of balance will be the huge gray area about what’s right, and what’s wrong.  How will you be able to maintain your healthy sense of self, and your healthy boundaries, when the line that made the good guys so easy to differentiate from the bad guys becomes so blurred? That will be a big question.  How you personally answer it will pretty much determine how comfortable you’re going to be in your own skin. 

Please know I’m not talking doom and gloom here – I’m talking about living your values, your spiritual truths, and making those your focus.  There’s a great Australian aboriginal saying – Keep your face to the sun, and you will not see the shadow.  That’s not a Pollyanna – “Golly gee, there ARE no shadows!!”  But it is a conscious decision to make your focus sticking to the things you personally know are of the light. 

Instead of lamenting all the stuff that’s going wrong, keep heading in the direction of the things that hold promise.  Honor yourself, and your beliefs.  Keep your balance, and you’ll keep pedaling in the direction of your goals.​

'Runner's High' = Enlightenment 

So we’ve made it through the 2.4-mile swim and the 112-mile bike parts of the triathlon – lace up your sneakers and let’s finish this thing.  From what I understand – there’s a “runner’s high” that marathoners touch into – that out-of-body experience when they rise above physical discomfort and tap into a place of energetic euphoria. It’s like your body switches into “auto pilot” and your mind and spirit soar. 

I’m feeling very strongly that while we’ll be working through the demanding introspective and balancing aspects of the fall energy, we’re also going to be able to access some pretty terrific highs. For one thing, as the veils between “spirit” and “form” continue to lift, miracles will be ours for the taking.  How many of you are starting to notice beautiful little coincidences in your daily life?  Are you noticing things you dreamt about the previous night are starting to happen?  Are you feeling more of a heart connection with family and friends in spirit?  It’s all real. 

We’re tuning forks – as we go up that spiral of human consciousness evolution that Barbara Marx Hubbard talks about, we take others with us.  As long as we take what we learned through the first two parts of the triathlon – going deeply within, and maintaining our balance through discernment, we’re going to finish the race with flying colors. 

Specific things that flashed for me for the fall: 

1.    I see some kind of a change for a global spiritual leader of the stature of the Dali Lama or Pope Francis.  I didn’t see if it was a retirement, philosophical epiphany, illness or what – but a significant shift. 
2.    We should anticipate a major change in our currency and how we spend money and establish credit. 
3.    Young people are going to be the catalyst for healing racial tension in the nation.  This could easily be a celebrity driven effort, with athletes, actors, musicians and others – of all colors -- coming together to collectively say, enough is enough.  There’s a push back, and they want to have an active hand in creating their own future, and healing our present. 

C 2014 Jonna Rae Bartges

Cosmic Forecast for Fall 2014

Presented at Crystal Visions 9-11-14

Because it’s so easy for me to just go out of my body and into a spaced out state, I always ask for some kind of a basic structure when I do these forecasts to give me something of an organizational “tether.”  That way I’m able to vision and come back down enough to type at the same time.  

For past forecasts I’ve received information in the form of chakras, the medicine wheel, a house tour – you get the idea.  THIS time, for fall 2014 – I got an Ironman Triathlon.  I feel this will be a time of testing, endurance, separating yourself from the crowd and reaching up to touch into that higher consciousness being you know you are, and integrating that awareness into your body, mind and spirit. 

Grab some sunscreen and a towel – we’re jumping in.

Swimming = Spiritual Depth

First of all, there’s nothing subtle or even gentle about the energies I'm picking up for the start of fall.  We just have to take a deep breath and plunge in.  I feel the way this will manifest is that all the ground work you’ve done throughout your life – meditating, reading inspirational books, listening to Abraham, learning energy healing and how to access your intuition – EVERYTHING you’ve discovered about living in higher consciousness – you’ll be using.

Things will be coming at you fast and furious, and you’re going to feel kind of restricted by what everyone around you is doing.  Here’s the key – shift your focus away from external energies, and go inside your own heart and soul.  YES other people are doing other things – but this time, more than any other time in your life, you have to remind yourself you’re not playing by anyone else’s rules.  YOU’RE in charge of deciding what’s important.  That sudden change in your work situation – is it an overwhelming challenge or a great opportunity?  Only you can decide its meaning.  And the energy of what you decide will color every aspect of your life.

Can someone else disappoint you?  Only if you give them your power.  What about that shift in a relationship, whether it’s a partner, a parent, your kids or a close friend?  This is a test – and I definitely feel there WILL be tests like this – and it’s a golden opportunity to consciously shift from being in your analytical head to getting into your heart, and doing all your processing and communicating from that compassionate sacred space.