Mission: To dissolve barriers between realms and pull the stars within reach for all who desire to touch them.

Predictions for Fall 2012

Delivered 9-13-12at Crystal Visions in Naples, NC

In June I saw “integration” being the big theme all summer.  Through December, I see that’s still important, and ‘expression and action’ are the other key concepts to consider as we approach 12-21-12.  As I was praying for guidance on what information to share with you this evening, I was given a series of visions, and told to present them as they resonate with each chakra.

First Chakra Energies

Spiritual Roots

How do we define ourselves spiritually?  To which creed or belief system do we pledge our allegiance? As we enter into what’s becoming the most politically divided and religiously polarized presidential election in recent memory, we’re going to be forced to either pick a side, or come right out and say what we personally stand for.  We were already entering this phase on the spiral of the evolution of human consciousness, and the political climate just literally puts this dimensional shift right in the spotlight.

There is so much fiery rhetoric and posturing right now, and it’s a unique opportunity for us to go deep inside and redefine what matters to us in a spiritual sense, and what we’d fight for, literally or figuratively. 

Growing anti-American sentiment in the Mideast and Africa will also force us to take stock of our values, our government, and our role in the world.

There will be shifts in our lives – some old friends, jobs, situations and relationships will burn themselves out, while new ones will take root.  It’s a time to love and connect with an open hand, releasing any limiting attachment to the outcome.  We're being called on to use the clarity we get with processing things from a higher dimension of awareness.

Second Chakra Energies

Health & Finances

There will be challenges to our usual way of doing things.  Either financial limitations or supply shortages will necessitate being flexible and adaptable, or being miserable when situations change.  It’s your choice.  We'll each decide what meaning we give to the shifts.  It’s a powerful opportunity to gently let go of the things that no longer serve our highest good.  It’s also the perfect time to start nurturing your own little community, however you define that, to create an energy of sharing and helping.  Sustainability and ‘do no harm’ are called for.  Grow deep roots.

This is not a time to spend recklessly – both the national and global economies are teetering on a rather precarious precipice right now.  I don’t have a good feeling about Wall Street, and rumblings coming from the financial sector are confirming that.  If you’re counting on your stocks and other investments to insure a luxurious retirement – you might want to consider a Plan B.

I’m feeling attempts to salvage the Euro won’t produce long-term solutions. A restructuring of financial systems around the world is essential.  This is not about fear, though – it’s about responsibility, integrity and common sense.  Plan for what you need in a Vulcan-like logical way.

Third Chakra Energies

When You Pray, Move Your Feet

If not you, than who?  When you make the conscious decision to be part of the solution, you will automatically begin generating the energy to do so.  The next three months will see an amazing opportunity to blaze new trails and make things happen.  In fact, you’ll probably feel antsy if you just sit on your hands.  It’s important to nurture your spiritual body to assure that your physical body has the juice it requires to take action. First and foremost, BREATHE!!  Deep, healing, mindful breaths that deliver oxygen and light to every cell of your body are MANDATORY! Drink your water, eat lots of fruits and veggies, all that good stuff you already know to do.

Fourth Chakra Energy

Emotional Safeguards

The next three months will be a prime time to feel like you’re being emotionally ‘mugged.’  Energetic thought forms are thick – from pervasive themes like political rhetoric, and escalating anti-US events in the Mideast, even some home-grown intentional cognitive interference -- and it’s pretty impossible to completely avoid all of it.  The trick is to consciously be radiating your inner light so nothing can enter your energetic field and knock you off balance.  Reinforce your "safe space" bubble with meditation, affirmation or dowsing.  Be on the lookout for little panic attacks, confusion, a sudden wave of sadness or a dip in your energy level.  Know that all of these can be indicators that you probably picked up an external energetic “bug” that can literally make you sick.  If you don’t release it through meditation and intent, it can crash your immune system.

That’s part of why we’re seeing the worst West Nile virus outbreak to date.  I'm also feeling the emergence of other illnesses that will devastate entire areas.

This is where you use your spiritual convictions to cement your sense of who you are and what you believe.  What’s important to you, and the ones you love?  Continue to keep that your focus.  Don’t try to deny your emotions, but gently guide them so you can constructively use their energy, and not be paralyzed by them.

Fifth Chakra Energy

Communication and Power

The next three months are all about the struggle for power and control – on every dimension.  Be mindful about who you give your power to, and remember the trick about radiating your energy out so nothing and no one can crash your field and usurp control.  Speak your truth – even when your voice shakes – and be especially discerning right now.  You don’t have to convince other people to believe the way that you do, but be positive in yourself what you’re all about.  When you take a moment to remember who you are, and stand in your own power, you’ll discover many things are not as they first seemed.  There’s an intentionally induced fog surrounding a lot of things right now, and the only way to see the truth is to be consciously seeking it.

In June I saw some kind of shadow over Romney, and I’m still not seeing that it’s a definite he’ll be the one on the GOP ballot in November.

Sixth Chakra Energy


Being discerning and discriminating was important last quarter, and continues to be crucial again this fall.  As energies intensify – more solar flares, the earth moving into alignment with the galactic center of the universe, the unintentional (or intentional) release of man-made radiation and pollutants – we are being bathed in radioactive emissions that are changing us body, mind, emotion and spirit.  We’re becoming more sensitive, and it’s important to honor our heightened intuitive awareness.

As we’ve been saying, make a conscious choice daily to stay in your spiritual center. Learn to feel the difference between a snap judgment and divine knowing.  It’s so important not to project your fears or expectations on another person, group or nation!  Your thoughts have power to do harm or good.  DO NO HARM!!  I was told to stress this so very strongly.  You have NO idea how much your thoughts can influence or create what unfolds in a three-dimensional reality!  Please, please, these next three months, be mindful, be prayerful, be hopeful, be grateful, be compassionate and be loving.

Seventh Chakra Energy


​This is not the time for a bunker mentality, no matter what the headlines, Facebook or twitter are suggesting.  Taking a “me against the world” or “us against them” attitude actually makes things tougher for you, not safer.  When you raise your consciousness and your energy, you touch into that divine awareness state where your choices are clear, your decisions are smart, and you know you have a sacred connection to everyone and everything.  We can weather the storm when we’re in a space of clarity.

We’re all in the process of becoming multi-dimensional beings while we’re in a conscious state.  We can go kicking and screaming, scared about how strange and disjointed and uncomfortable things feel, or we can dip into our limitless reservoir of Divine Guidance and Knowing. You’re accessing memories, information and truth from multiple sources and dimensions simultaneously now, and the trick is learning to “surf” all that new energy – to rise up to meet it, and let it carry you into higher and higher states of awareness.  It’s a beautiful thing, if you let it!

In summary – fasten your seat belts.  Things will be moving faster, emotions will be deeper, convictions will be more passionate.  And what an opportunity for growth and coming into higher awareness and conscious connection to multiple dimensions this energy presents to all of us!  Is it the end of the world?  It’s an end to the OLD world – but we’ve been transitioning into the NEW world for a few years already.  Embrace your passion, express your truths, take positive action.  The Force is with you!

(copyright 2012 Rev. Jonna Rae Bartges)