Mission: To dissolve barriers between realms and pull the stars within reach for all who desire to touch them.

3rd Tuesdays at Namaste

Every 3rd Tuesday at The Namaste Center in Flat Rock, NC, Happy Medium Jonna Rae will shine a light on a different topic selected to raise consciousness, spark curiosity, and increase intuitive ability.  Join us for the adventure 3rd Tuesdays at 7p.m.

Suggested donation: $10


November 21:  Building Your Own Crystal Grid
It’s not woo-woo – science acknowledges that everything in nature has a specific vibration.  Crystals have a unique vibratory signature that allows them to store, direct and magnify energies. Happy Medium Jonna Rae received instructions in a lucid dream state on how to build a crystal grid and activate it to create a powerful safe space for healing and transformation.  In this Third Tuesday: Reaching a Happy Medium gathering, she will share the technique as everyone creates their own crystal map for enlightenment.

December 19:  Dowsing For Dollar$, Divine Balance and Direction

If you could focus and direct your energy to bring more love, joy and prosperity into your life, would you?  What about being able to heal relationships; check to see if your body is out of balance and bring it back into alignment, or even heal past hurts? In this Third Tuesday presentation, Happy Medium Jonna Rae shares how dowsing is a simple and immediate way to do all of these things, and more.  Participants in this Third Tuesday: Reaching a Happy Medium class will:

1.    Make and learn to use dowsing rods and a pendulum (materials supplied)
2.   Use pendulums to scan and balance the body
3.   Use pendulums to change the energy of the past, present or future
4.   Dowse the energy of food, and learn how to elevate it

Every Third Tuesday at The Namaste Center, Happy Medium Jonna Rae Bartges will shine a light on a different topic selected to raise consciousness, spark curiosity, and increase intuitive ability. 

“Happy Medium” Jonna Rae uses gentle humor, authenticity and compassion in both her teaching and her intuitive consultations for clients.  She connects people around the globe not only with loved ones in spirit, but with very specific and accurate information about their past, present and future. For 40 years she has combined professional psychic reading and teaching with an Emmy winning career in print and broadcast communication.

She created PSI – the Practical Spirituality Institute – to help link the worlds of science and spirituality, and is an approved provider of continuing education units for nurses taking her two-day Practical Spirituality 101 class.

In addition to her private consulting business with Skype, phone sessions and in-person readings in her Asheville office, she has read and/or taught at the International Coptic Conference, Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E., East West Bookshop of Seattle, Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship, The Learning Light Foundation in Anaheim, CA, the Foundation of Truth in Atlanta, and United Research Light Center, Mystic Journeys and Crystal Visions in Western NC.

Jonna Rae also founded the Reiki Professionals Group on Linkedin which currently has nearly 17,000 Reiki healers from around the globe. 

She is an author, speaker, hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Deeksha Blessing Giver, Minister Director with Universal Brotherhood and on the Advisory Board for United Research Light Center in Black Mountain, NC. Jonna Rae’s autobiography is 
Psychic or Psychotic? Memoirs of a Happy Medium, and is available through her website at jonnarae.com.