Mission: To dissolve barriers between realms and pull the stars within reach for all who desire to touch them.

Cosmic Forecast for Spring 2017

Presented at Crystal Visions 3-9-17


We hate change.  As a species, we do everything we can to resist it, deny it, condemn it or just blissfully ignore it.

Guess what?

We gotta change that!  As I was deep in prayer and meditation this afternoon asking for the information to share tonight, It was as if I kept getting, “Yes, but…” answers.  Let me explain.

First of all, no matter which side of the political aisle you’re on, I think we can agree that the tone, energy, reputation and focus of our government have changed drastically in the past few months.  The twitter storms, accusations and open derision are only the most visible symptoms of the change that has been brewing in our nation for years, decades and even centuries.

Now that the sexism, racism, intolerance and fanaticism are finally out in the open, like a boil that’s been lanced, we each have the sacred opportunity to decide what meaning we’re going to assign to the events unfolding, and which responses and possible futures we’re going to choose.  This is where the “Yes, but…” messages come into play.

First of all, I received excruciatingly realistic visions of black-uniformed swat teams conducting forceful door-to-door investigations, searching for illegals, guns, and whatever else they’ve been assigned to discover.  I saw huge semi trailers unloading massive orange steel girders in major intersections in big cities across the nation, effectively preventing people from using the roads, or congregating.  I glimpsed internment camps jammed with angry, frightened and confused people of many races.  In other words, I saw full-scale civil war, and marshal law, along with the rise of the Christian Taliban – the KKK, violent pro-lifers, fundamentalists and other sects, like the church in Spindale, NC, that tortures and abuses its parishioners physically and emotionally in the name of Christ.  What the heck?  This is coming into the light – vague feelings of unease or suspicion are erupting into actual, provable, non-alternative FACTS. 

Any thought that we could continue to blissfully ignore things that are of such a lower vibration MUST change.

Taking these visions more global – I saw N. Korean military action against S. Korea soon – not even so much as to overtake them, but just to create mass chaos and divert the world’s attention.  Their attitude is pretty much, “we have nothing to lose, so we’re going to cripple everyone else, starting with you, our family.”

Meanwhile, in Russia – their feeling is the time for games is over, and we’re calling in our chips.  You owe us big, and we’re collecting.  They’ve set in motion actions to drain US finances and erode confidence – that’s going GREAT, by the way! -- and they’re aligning to shut down parts of the global power grid, just to show they can.   While we’re taking money AWAY from our schools and dumbing down our next generation of leaders, they’re focusing on creating a young army of educated hackers who can disrupt with deadly accuracy.

I’m feeling some internal political battle in China that’s about to erupt on the international scene, which could devastate the world economy because they have fingers in so many pies, and so little regard for the safety and welfare of their own people.  Wiping out a province for them is, quite honestly, of very little consequence.

OK – so now that we’re all in a fetal position, let’s talk about the “But…” part of the messages I got today.

YES, these energies are all in motion.  We’re seeing some of them already, and will be hearing about more of them in the next few weeks and months.  YES.

BUT – we have the power to shift these very energies into a higher vibration, and this very positive and necessary change begins in our own heart.

Everything in nature has a vibration – this is science.  There are two main energies in creation – love and fear, or light and dark.  Worry, manipulation, confusion, anger, judgment, the need for control – ALL of these are on the FEAR or DARK side of the equation.

Compassion, optimism, courage, joy – these are on the LOVE and LIGHT side.  Even though it might not seem like it when we watch the news, the power and energy of LIGHT is stronger than DARK.  Right now, in this very room, there are an infinite number of tiny dark holes coexisting with us.  We can’t see them.  But if we take this sanctuary, and increase its size by a factor of, say, 50, and block off all the windows and doors so It’s completely dark, then we light a match in the far corner, we WILL see it. 

So YES this darkness of potential futures does exist right now at this very moment, but so does our ability to counter it with the light of compassion, and respect, and dignity, and love.

Even though, like we said earlier, we tend to resist CHANGE, we’ve seen millions of people having the courage to step out of old habits of being spectators to our social system, and change into pro-active participants.  In Asheville alone on January 21, 10,000 people marched to let the local, regional, state and national governments know they’re being held accountable. 

This same energy is being repeated in cities and states across the nation, and it’s definitely having a positive impact.

To keep that positive, powerful energy of light and love going, it’s important to maintain a calm center.  When we’re agitated – look what happens.  We have no direction, we’re distracted by shiny things, there’s no focus, and we’re definitely not going to be effective in communicating with like-minded others.

When we stop, take a deep breath and focus, clarity comes quickly.  The lower vibration energies of fear, anger and blame settle down, while the higher vibration focuses of unity, compassion and purpose keep us anchored in a state of higher consciousness.

When we have the courage to CHANGE, to release the circus of distractions and mindfully regain our spiritual center, there is no limit to the healing transformations we can set in motion. 

Our region, our nation, our environment, our climate, our world is changing – dramatically.  We’re never going back to the way things were a decade ago, or even last year.  We’re all being thrust headlong into that change, and we can’t stop things from shifting.  But we CAN change our knee-jerk reaction of fear, or victimization, or hopelessness.  Instead we can focus with clarity on what has the deepest meaning for us, what makes our lives worth living, and then honoring those things, and committing to them body, mind and spirit.

Contact your representatives.  Google “Resistance Manual” for a complete listing of who and how to contact the politicians sworn to represent you and your best interests.  Let them know how you feel about health care, and schools, and the environment, and religious freedom.  Conserve energy, and look to sustainable alternatives.  Cultivate authentic friendships with those of other beliefs, races and nations.  You will be amazed at all you have in common, and how much good you can create together.

Find out how to best assist those in your own community who are in need.  Be a beacon of truth and kindness.  Let your light shine.  You will create a ripple effect, and THAT is how we will shift from a future shadowed in darkness to one of compassion and light.

Never doubt the ability that you, as an individual, have to spread love and light.  Now, make it so.