Paul had made a conscious decision when he received his terminal diagnosis that he was going to make the best of a devastating situation.  He was going to redefine "normal," and humor was going to be an important part of that process.

As we jump right into what I saw coming up this Fall, it's essential that EACH of us consciously redefines exactly what 'normal' is now in our world.  Incorporating humor into challenging situations will help us keep going, too.

Has anyone here read the book of Revelations?  If you have, or if you've been on the internet lately, you already know about the energy of the celestial alignments coming up next weekend.  But in the meantime -- Why wait for September 23rd to see if the world as we know it is going to end?  The world as we knew it has ALREADY ended, and we’ve all been co-creating a new one for many years now.  Our reality is always changing and morphing, always in direct relation to the consciousness we choose to have.

First up -- will North Korea pull the nuclear trigger?  It gets very, very interesting.  In my visions this afternoon I saw the image of a mushroom cloud, but then right up next to it appeared a picture of a sunflower, and next to that a crowd of peaceful people, and next to that a serene ocean.  More images kept appearing, making an infinite number of images crowding together and then twirling into a slender cord.  As always, there are infinite possibilities for our future.  And as always, it is our collective consciousness that will determine which one manifests.  If we stay in a lower vibration of fear, we will continue to generate more lower vibration energy.  Don’t get sucked up into that 'worst case scenario' mob mentality.

There are cooler, wiser heads and hearts in the mix –many we don’t even know about – some not necessarily from this planet -- that are working to scramble the energies of war and destruction. 

On a more cosmic scale, so many of us here right now were on Atlantis when it went down.  We have an opportunity now to co-create a different, positive outcome as egos collide.  People are speaking out against injustice, and pushing back against hate.  People, especially young ones who never considered a career in politics, are running for office to bring positive change and balance to an unbalanced government. 

Speaking of Government -- I’m still not seeing 45 being in office too much longer.  There are issues, physical, mental, financial and legal, which are becoming more apparent.  I feel the process for removal has already been set in motion, and that could be related to the Russia investigations.  There will be some major changes in the executive branch later this Fall.

Anyone believe in climate change?  Unfortunately, Harvey and Irma were just the tip of the iceberg.  Warmer oceans spawn more massive and frequent hurricanes.  There will be more destruction of entire islands, and more coastline changes, before this hurricane season is over.  We’re getting a wakeup call on where, and how, to build our coastal cities.  Witnessing the thousands of good Samaritans who emerged after Harvey and Irma is proof that people CAN be good, and compassionate, and resourceful when it’s most needed.  It’s definitely needed now.

Besides the compassion, another good thing to come out of Irma was people fighting back with a bad sense of humor to release tension, and remind people we’re all in this together. Several signs Floridians proudly displayed included "Closed for Repairs" spray painted on a hunk of plywood, and leaning up against a "Welcome to Florida" sign.  Another sign next to an uprooted and splintered pine read, "FREE TREE -- some assembly required."  And painted across the sheets of plywood protecting a home was the challenge: "Looters Welcome.  Combat marine needs therapy."

Humor, particularly in tough times, is a sacred healer.

I saw more on the environmental front.  There was sea water showing up in freshwater lakes.  There has been damage from fracking and erosion of underground aquafirs which is helping to cause the subterranean breaches.  This will have a devastating effect on freshwater fish and the entire ecosystem that draws life from the lakes, including the animals that drink there, birds that nest there, and the surrounding plant life.  I’m not seeing an immediate fix for this, other than to stop fracking and doing underground nuclear testing to at least slow the encroachment.

On the financial front, there’s a storm brewing there too.  The big Equifax hack truly impacts every one of us, and will take its toll in the markets. It’s essential to be vigilant, and talk with your bank about how to best protect your assets.  I’m not seeing any quick fix for this.  In fact I’m seeing the possibility of a major shift in the banking industry, one that might require measures like your fingerprint or retina scan for any major financial transaction.  Yes, it feels very “Big Brother,” but it also might be the only way to at least slow down the inevitable fallout.  This one will not be going away.

Moving into medicine and technology, this Fall I’m seeing more application of sound wave technology for medical, manufacturing and military purposes. The sound waves being blasted at personnel in the US embassy in Cuba was a crude but effective example of how these invisible forces can have a profound impact on matter in general, and people in particular.  In medicine, I'm seeing very specific tones and frequencies of sound directed at cells penetrating the cell membrane without damaging it, and changing the molecular structure of that cell to bring it into healing balance.  I feel we’re going to be hearing more about that in the coming months.

If you watch Ancient Aliens on the History Channel, you’ve already heard the theory that the ancients used tones to shift gravitational pull and levitate monolithic blocks into place.  I’m seeing that’s being replicated, and will soon be common knowledge.  It will be a huge benefit to the transportation industry, particularly the airlines, and will make moving goods from one part of the country to another much easier and cost effective.  Sound waves can extinguish fires, and that technology mounted on helicopters and small planes will soon be used to tame the wildfires ravaging the west.

I’m seeing biologists and engineers working together to replicate the “manufacturing process” exhibited by plants.  There appears to be a big push to combine extracting geothermal energy from the earth, and somehow combining it with solar energy, to produce electricity and draw water from the atmosphere without disrupting the environment.  The breakthroughs will be coming at least in part from university labs, not just corporate ones.

As always, when I get intense information, I ask for some effective spiritual tools to share to help us navigate these very interesting times.

I immediately felt the deep truth of psychiatrist Viktor Frankl's groundbreaking equation: Suffering without Meaning = Despair. This Fall it's essential to get clear on what gives your life meaning and joy, and focus on THAT.  It's never about stuff -- it's always about connections, and love.  

I was also reminded of Byron Katie's "The Work" -- those four little questions to ask ourselves when we feel fearful, or overwhelmed:

1) Is it true?

2) How can I be sure it's true?

3) Who am I when I have that thought?

4) Who would I be without that thought?

It's an exercise in mindfulness that can powerfully lift us into an Alpha state of purposeful clarity.

Still another tool I was shown was the power of placing a crystal into the four corners of a room, home or other building.  Physical crystals are nice, but you can also just envision them there.  Then, imagine a beam of golden white light streaming from each crystal and meeting in the center of the ceiling, effectively creating a healing pyramid that protects, strengthens and brings serenity to the entire space, and everyone and everything in it.

And here's one more quick example of the power each of us has to create miracles depending on our focus.  Before Irma hit the keys, I asked my Reiki Master Path students to imagine that they were connecting with the consciousness of the storm.  They were not to consider her a monstrous force for evil, but a conscious entity to which they could send Reiki healing.  The whole purpose of Reiki is to bring balance to a person, place or thing. They each immediately began their healing work.  Within hours, Irma's strength was depleted and she wobbled from a course that would have delivered complete devastation to the entire state of Florida.  Some of the students were...wellll...blown away to discover they could actually 'feel' the storm's consciousness as they attempted to connect.

I told them, afterwards, that while where was NO way to scientifically prove their directed Reiki work was the reason Irma lost strength and changed her path, there was also no way to scientifically prove it was NOT.

That's what this Fall is all about.  Step up, leave your ego at the door, focus on what's truly meaningful and compassionate, and expect to help manifest miracles and raise our collective consciousness.  You ARE the ones we've been waiting for!





Predictions for

Fall 2017

Presented 9-14-17 at Crystal Visions

Mission: To dissolve barriers between realms and pull the stars within reach for all who desire to touch them.

Back in 2001, just a few weeks before he died from metastasized melanoma, my late husband Paul and I were watching a travel channel special on the Mayan pyramids.  The narrator said that according to the Mayan calendar, the world as we knew it was going to end in 2012.

​Paul turned to me and said, "I'm just getting out while the getting's good!"