Mission: To dissolve barriers between realms and pull the stars within reach for all who desire to touch them.

Winter is coming.

Because of the particularly hostile energies generated all fall, getting into and staying in a higher state of consciousness to receive the visions for winter was uncomfortably intense. 

I am STILL not getting clarity on Trump being sworn in.  There is such murkiness and confusion around a presidential transition.  I’m not sure if this is still my own disbelief, but I’m not seeing it’s a done deal, even just weeks away from the inauguration. 

There’s a big question mark around the Electoral College – I mentioned during our forecast back in March it was going to be called into question.  So that might leave the door open for an historic reversal where the candidate the majority of Americans voted for actually becomes president.  Or it might be that Trump is suddenly out of the picture, even of his own accord.  Or it might be that he is being controlled to such an extent on every aspect of the presidency that he is merely the “host body” for the ones actually calling the shots.

Cosmic Forecast for Winter 2016

Presented 12-8-16 at Crystal Visions

I can confidently say the final outcome is still in the state of “becoming” – it’s not locked in stone yet.  That being said, The violent energy we saw prior to and since the election is not going away any time soon.

The number of reported hate crimes since the election is worse than the spike after 9-11, according to USA Today.  What Time magazine called “The divided states of America” isn’t magically being healed.  Our nation has a history of bigotry – from Native American genocide and cultural rape to slavery to wanton destruction of environmental resources to keeping women repressed.  We’d been making strides, but during the campaign, everything has erupted into an uncivil-war of hostility, cruelty and fear.  In addition to all the old divisive labels and prejudices, there’s new suspicion now focusing on immigrants and non-Christians. Registering people of other faiths goes against everything this nation was intended to embody.  It’s not a pretty picture.  The vitriolic campaign rhetoric made it OK to hate, and punch, and condemn, and control, and segregate. 

Besides these national shifts, I am feeling MAJOR global changes in the works, too.  Energies of war are intensified, with more death and destruction.  Put tons of white light around you – I don’t want to scare you – but the vision is that just about everything is up for grabs.

There is no more “status quo” to maintain.  If the Trump presidency happens, the team he’s picking will have an agenda to control and plunder.  An OK oilman for the head of the EPA?  A woman who wants to divert educational resources to private schools?  A “mad dog” general in charge of Defense?  An Exxon executive as secretary of state?  Sarah Palin in charge of veterans welfare?  It's as if the people who were the most vocal opponents of important issues are being tapped to run them into the ground.  Other nations are shocked and concerned about the direction the US appears to be going.

There is a spiritual school of thought that espouses the concept that everything is unfolding exactly as it should, and it really doesn’t matter if we do anything or not.  I respectfully suggest that instead of passively observing, this is the time to step up.

Back in the 1700s, Irishman Edmund Burke, a member of the British House of Parliament, said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”  That profound statement was never more true than now.

In the midst of this chaos, fear and suspicion, something powerful and wonderful and healing is happening.  The water protectors at Standing Rock have created the biggest international gathering of Original People tribes and compassionate souls in our history.  Through non-violence, they’ve shown that a community of heart-centered people united in a positive goal can raise consciousness.  Whatever the eventual fate of the pipeline, global attention has focused on the power of committed individuals banding together to defend their culture, their safety, their environment and their spiritual convictions.  This will not be the last of such stands.

Supporting this courageous action is another famous quote, this one from Margaret Mead, that has new relevance today: "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."  Unity through Compassion is stronger than corporate greed, political agendas and fear.  It just means we each have to step up for the things we passionately care about, and desire to defend.

How does this look?  I feel people will express resistance to major mandates by growing stronger communities that are more self-sufficient.  More people will come together to homeschool, garden, build and maintain homes, share complimentary healing modalities, make music, and other pursuits that are important to them.  I see people in general embracing a shift back to some basic core values that enrich their lives when they're faced with unexpected changes.

I was also able to get some information about a few other topics.  It appears that travel in the US will be impeded in some way this winter.  There might be some pushback from the airlines, particularly Boeing, in light of the tweeter-elect's bashing Boeing's fee for updating Air Force One.  Rising gas prices, and possible rationing of some sort, could impact travel plans too.  Some particularly brutal winter weather -- possibly manipulated – will paralyze specific regions of the nation and keep people housebound or stranded.

On a more positive note, I'm seeing major Tesla-like breakthroughs in energy production and consumption that are coming to light soon, partially fueled by the uptick in fossil fuel prices and concerns for environmental impact.  Young people, many still in college, are at the forefront of these advances.

Also coming in focus this winter as the fate of Affordable Health Care is in doubt -- a grass-roots rebellion against the current health care system's “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” stance.  As people start to demand more accountability of their media, they require similar accountability in medicine. People – EDUCATED people, and young people in particular -- are actively making complimentary medicine mainstream. Some of this happens because health care costs are out of control, and more people are of necessity turning to complimentary modalities, particularly in areas rich with herbal healing knowledge, like here.  There are also some revolutionary new opportunities in health care that will be made public this winter.

So in the midst of all this dramatic and potentially unpleasant change this winter, what can you personally do?

  1. Pray.  Focused intent, particularly when directed from a positive place of raised consciousness, changes things for the better.
  2. Demand accountability.  When you hear inflammatory statements, simply ask, “What’s your source?”  This election was hijacked by fake news, including that created by nations hostile to the US.  If we demand facts, accountability and accuracy, we WILL bring balance.
  3. Grow your tribe.  Seek out and be active in groups that share your compassionate values, whether it’s protecting the environment, women’s rights, public education, revamping the health care system.  There’s great strength in unity.  Create or join a community committed to doing good and being of service.
  4. Cultivate optimism.  What are the three most wonderful things that happened to you today?  Get into the habit of answering that question every night, and watch your life shift into a happier, healthier more prosperous gear.  Optimism keeps us from being consumed by fear.
  5. Live in gratitude.  There are two emotions – love and fear.  Fear is worry, anger, judgment, manipulation, grief.  Love is compassion, optimism, joy, connection and of course gratitude.  When you start to feel fear coming in – and we all will! – don’t just stop there and retreat.  Find something for which you can authentically be grateful, and you will instantly start to bring your body, mind, emotions and spirit into a kind of balance.  It’s a powerful tool – USE IT!

YES, we’re in the midst of dramatic and uncomfortable national and global change.  According to many prophecies, we’re actually at a crossroads as a culture and even a species.  But never doubt your ability to make miracles happen.  You are the ones we've been waiting for.  Step up and claim your power for good.