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Predictions for Spring 2015

Presented March 12 at Crystal Visions

When I sat down to pray and meditate on what’s coming up for us this spring, I immediately saw a spectacular interplay of shadows and sunlight.  This is quite appropriate since we’re in for a total eclipse of the sun on March 20th.

First, let’s probe some shadows.  I'm definitely feeling the possibility of disruptive incidents, around Memorial Day, to knock people off balance and catapult them into a place of fear.

I’m sensing more teens could be drawn into cults or fringe groups out of a feeling of despair and hopelessness.  These sensitive crystal children have grown up under terror alerts, getting groped at airports and generally being told not to trust anyone.  This gives them a very twisted and unbalanced sense of their self-worth.

​Even in their schools, studies which nurture body, mind and spirit aren’t so available anymore.  Music, the arts and increasingly, even science classes, are being dropped.  Kids aren't nearly as able to explore their special abilities and skills, which hinders their development of healthy self-esteem and a positive, realistic understanding of their power to make good and beautiful things happen.  All these shifts away from creative opportunities make kids more vulnerable to a radical group’s false promise of connection, purpose and immortality.

Here’s how we bring sunlight into the issue.  First of all, Numerologically, 2015 adds up to an 8.  That’s the number of prosperity and abundance, and it’s also the number of balancing light over dark.  The entire year will be one of making decisions about which wolf inside of you to feed – the negative wolf, who’s all about fear, manipulation, greed, control, hate and suspicion, or the positive wolf, who stands for compassion, empathy, connection, optimism, hope and love.

How will you choose to balance these energies in yourself, your family, your work and your world?

I had the honor of studying with Virginia Samdahl, the first occidental Reiki Master, for an entire week back in 1978.  Something she constantly told the Reiki I class was, “The only difference between Christ and us is that He was born knowing He was divine, and we go to the grave denying that we are.”

Imagine for one moment the impact you could have on everyone and everything around you this spring if you honestly accepted and embraced your own divinity.  Imagine how consciously choosing to stay in a space of gratitude and compassion would raise your energy, and reverberate out to raise all the energies around you.  When “Namaste” moves from a trendy yoga class greeting into your waking life, imagine how people’s hearts will open wide when you truly look into their eyes and honor the God in them.  Particularly with young people, this is how we start to create and maintain a positive, joy filled balance in the world!

When we help kids bring three things into their lives – faith in something greater than them, friends or a supportive, positive group who has their back, and a sense of purpose that they’re making a real contribution to the world – they can no longer be swayed by harmful influences.  How can you help instill the values of faith, friends and purpose in young people in your family or community?  This spring is the time to ask for guidance, and to let that guidance take root and grow into real solutions for positive change.

Being aware of the possibility of negative events doesn’t mean they have to literally happen.  What it DOES mean is the lower vibrational energy is there, but it always goes back to the consciousness.  When we take positive ownership of our communities, we shift the energy back into a place of balance.  Get involved.  Write a letter to the editor.  Volunteer at a school or an animal shelter.  Start a facebook post like, “3 Things I love about Hendersonville,” and others will follow suit.  Every positive effort you make, every time you feed that white wolf inside of you, you help change global consciousness.  The real threat is feeling you can’t do anything to make a difference.

More shadows this spring – I’m seeing still more mystery illnesses that will baffle the medical community.  As polar ice caps continue to melt and forests are laid bare, bacteria and viruses that have lain dormant for millennia will become viable again.  Helping to bring balance will be the growing awareness of the benefits of complimentary therapies.  I personally know of one such case.  You heard about the mystery paralysis impacting kids across the country?  A Johnson City friend’s 6-year-old daughter was stricken, and was in the hospital for months, on a ventilator when she lost the ability to move or breathe on her own.  Now, the girl is fine – she’s at Disney World with her family right now.  The difference between her case and the kids who are still paralyzed is, her mom looped some meditations for children on the girl's iPod, and she loved staying in an altered state of consciousness for hours at a time.  In this space of peace and connection, her body healed.  The doctors noticed! 

Cases like hers are being studied.  Dr. Oz just did a segment with a psychologist who uses past-life regression to treat patients.  Hang in there – medicine is slowly swinging into balancing pharmaceuticals and surgeries with complimentary, non-invasive modalities.

I’m seeing some alarming studies coming into light in the next few months about the effect of both cell phones and mercury vapor light bulbs.

I’m also seeing some tantalizing new photos coming back soon from our space probes pointing to activity on planets and moons that inch us closer to proving “we are not alone.” Of course we’re NOT alone – but we still lack indisputable proof.  I do feel that’s going to change soon.

In the midst of all these external forces, we also need to balance our internal energies as the Earth’s magnetic poles continue their migration.  Feeling scattered, disconnected, fatigued and overly emotional and reactive are just a few of the gifts of this transition and epic solar storms that are bathing us in increased levels of radiation.

Bottom line – during this spring’s interplay of shadow and sun, we can choose to bring optimism, hope and balance to our own lives, and by doing so, help raise the consciousness of the entire planet.  Let’s make it so!

copyright 2015 Jonna Rae Bartges