Mission: To dissolve barriers between realms and pull the stars within reach for all who desire to touch them.

Presented September 10, 2015
at Crystal Visions

I had a vision of a road, at night.  Several meanings came to me when I asked for explanations.  While there are a lot of things that are being hidden from us at the moment, when we flick on our proverbial “high beams” of awareness, we’re going to continue to make progress on our path. 

I saw a round red robotic type orb rolling past my car in the opposite direction, going back where I just came from.  I saw that as a message to be aware of things that unexpectedly will come at us, but not to panic and back-track.  Don't waste time second-guessing yourself. 

This fall it’s going to be important to be present – to act authentically from a heart-centered space in all things.  Reliving things you wish you’d done differently in the past, or worrying about a future that hasn’t materialized, will only scatter your energy and cause you pain.  Take a deep breath, transform any fear into curiosity, and approach the next three months with a good balance of child-like wonder and spiritual purpose.

On a physical plane, we’re being bombarded with cosmic energies that are amping up our sensitivity.  This means the good things are really, really good, and the not-so-good things are pretty darn frustrating.

Little things that were mildly irritating are becoming toxic.  Unpleasant sudden sounds can cause almost physical pain.  How many of you are noticing that the ice cubes in your freezer taste funny, or what had been minor food sensitivities are blooming into full-fledged reactions?

As your vibrations raise, your body, mind, emotions and spirit will be responding in more noticeable and puzzling ways.  The irony here is only by surrendering will you rise above things.  You have nothing to “prove.”  You have only to “be.”  We are finding this “being” thing is much more challenging, but ultimately, rewarding.

This evolutionary awareness is carrying over into relationships and friendships.  Some will evolve along with your own consciousness evolution, and become even stronger.  But be prepared to gently release the ones that are steering you off course, or even dragging you backwards.  It’s not about “fixing” someone, or a situation.  It’s about releasing any need to control it at all that will bring you peace.

Pay special attention to your dreams.  If you don’t have a notepad or digital recorder on your nightstand, get one!  The critical information about your life that you’re receiving from the collective unconscious, but which you’re “editing out” on a conscious level, is bombarding you every night – even if you “never have any dreams.”  Go to sleep with the intention to remember what you most need to know, and you’ll remember it.  Write or record it immediately when you wake up before your conscious mind can erase it again, even if it’s only a feeling, like “I need to work on that.”  The information you access will enrich every aspect of your life.

NOTHING is “not my problem.”  Every single one of the millions of refugees around the globe is impacting you.  The next three months will be pivotal for changing national, and our personal, perspectives on inclusion and compassion.  Whether you want to donate money to international efforts, help a class here in the western Carolinas get the school supplies it needs or start a regular private prayer discipline to send healing where balance is needed in the home, the country or the world, you’re starting to get the message “it’s personal” now.  Ask in meditation how you can best be of service, and you will be guided.

I got some interesting visions about the Pope’s agenda.  He arrives here Sept. 22 and will visit Washington DC, New York and Philly – energetically three of the strongest vortexes of energy representing the creation of our nation.  He is here to recreate the role of the church in the lives of the people of the Americas.  The media has trumpeted Pope Francis’ humility, approachability, compassion and humor, and his apparent desire to shake up old order Vatican protocol and relax some strict church doctrine.  The Pope is working to remove any doubts that the Catholic Church is to be the final word, and his popularity ratings reflect that even non-Catholics are falling in line.  This is great, BUT --

What I’m feeling here takes me out on a limb, but I’m getting that it’s especially important right now to be in complete alignment with your concept of God, or a divine, benevolent energy.  There is no individual or institution that has to be an intermediary or knows what is best for you better than YOU do when you’re touching into God consciousness.

When things the Pope says or does resonate for you, that’s fantastic.  But particularly during this new time of evolving consciousness, please constantly tune in to your own heart.  This goes for EVERY leader.  This is not the time to be sheep.  It’s the time to be compassionate flying dragons.

Be discerning and discriminating – go deeply within before making any dramatic changes.  Finance, politics, health regimes – whatever the issue is, don’t just blindly take “their” word for it.  Who the heck are “they,” anyway, and why do you give them this power over you?  Ask those questions this fall.

Science – This is exciting.  I’m seeing strong visions that all the alternative and sustainable solutions for energy, agriculture and environmental healing that big corporations have been stuffed in a box and shoved in a closet are bursting out. 

We’re reaching the tipping point of brilliant and workable new ideas, and the passionate people, young and old alike, who are generating them simply can’t continue to be contained.  Look for the headlines spelling out new inventions and systems, along with new mathematical and scientific understandings of our world.  The time is ripe now to build a sturdy bridge to the next level of human consciousness evolution.  Some of this news will come from smaller colleges and even high schools in some cases, where corporate pressures have never intimidated people.

Finances – yep.  We have a unique opportunity here to heal our relationship to the energy of money.  Remember how we talked about the good things getting really good, and the not-so-good things getting really frustrating?  Our financial stability fits into that model this fall.  What that means is, be smart.  If you’re a risk taker, you’ll be taking a LOT more risks, with a lot more consequences.  If you’re making sound decisions and consciously work to balance the flow of financial energy, that discipline will pay off in a big way.  I’m not seeing a complete collapse of our nation’s or the globe’s economy, but it’s definitely not stable.

When I asked how we fix this, I got the answer I always do – it’s all about the consciousness.  If everyone panics and there’s a run on the banks, there will be a crash.  If we collectively can raise awareness that most things of value in our lives are not monetary, we will pass through this portal with grace and balance.

Bernie Sanders will be shaking things up on the campaign front.  While more radical factions are pushing for seceding from the country, or electing Trump, Bernie represents something completely different – and people are responding.  As he continues to climb the poles, you’re going to notice the campaign rhetoric in general shifting into what’s logical, workable, and good for the middle class in general.

This fall it’s time to stop talking about our compassionate spiritual beliefs and just start passionately living them.  It’s about getting out of our heads, where we hold knowledge, judgment, and fear, and diving deep into our hearts, where we function from a space of wisdom and love.   Find your spiritual “tribe” – that community of like-minded people who “get” you and have your back.  Be around people who nourish your heart and soul.  It’s good to know when we need them, they’re close by.

When enough of us are living in that energy, we can gently usher our planet into a dimension of divine balance, where we peacefully co-exist with each other, animals, extra-terrestrials and all the things we don’t even know about yet.  Are you ready?

Predictions for Fall 2015